“I Beat that Game” Series: Prince of Persia


I have slid down walls, ran across walls, Climbed up walls.

Walls, walls, and more walls

That is what the Dr. ordered for this dose of “Prince of Persia” for the PS3.

It was a great action-adventure/platformer. The story line was pretty good.

Yes, it was your typical story of good vs. evil, but that didn’t stop this “good guy” from doing what he had to do to save the day with a lady by his side.

It is hard to give too many details without giving away storyline. One thing that I will mention that  was of interest was the “lack of death”. 

To sum it up, you never really “died” in the video game sense of the term. there was more of a “re-spawning to a convenient location” thing in place of death. It some what helped the game along, but it was weird playing a game that didn’t deal with death.  (slightly NSFW)

There was also a little bit of repetition in the game, but what game doesn’t come with an aspect of repetition?  

Graphically, the game took a cel-shaded approach to the character design (think Wind waker)

I highly recommend you play this game. 

What? what more can I talk about? 

oh! how about the fact I wasn’t too thrilled with the Prince of PERSIA sounding AMERICAN !!!

4 Responses to “I Beat that Game” Series: Prince of Persia

  1. mellownmighty says:

    Sounding American? I can’t believe they went there.

    I wouldn’t mind giving the game a try but my patience would probably wear thin fast.

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    I Think you should give the game a try. The story was actually decent and it has me anxious for part 2.

  3. bunni_ says:

    I watched my sisters boyfriend finish that game…
    and my patience wore thinner than paper thin …
    games like that make me kinda want to pull my hair out
    repetition is putting it lightly!

  4. dtownsend23 says:

    lol. I mean seriously, they took a “wash, rinse, repeat” formula to the game. It was a good game though, the graphics were nice, and the soundtrack was enjoyable…
    it was just those “other” things…

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