Seriously everyone. Is this what we’re reduced to? 

whatever happened to growing up? what ever happened to talking things out like rational human beings?

In the space of 5 minutes I heard about 2 separate occasions of E-Thuggery. I think with this new thing called the Internet, people are able to say whatever to whomever, and think that’s OK. 

what are we afraid of? Violence? If we’re all adults, then it can’t be hard to sit down, and just talk about our problems and situations.

Unless, we aren’t adults… 

maybe when we left college and entered college we somehow forgot to turn on  the “adult switch” that lies dormant in each of us. 

I hear a lot of “real” adults say “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything”

is the Internet our “loophole” ? 

What do you think? Let’s talk it out. 

I’m so concerned about this situation, I couldn’t even take the time to put anything funny in here. NO Jokes this time. NONE.


It’s been brought to my attention that the E-thuggin has been taken to the streets, sorta we’re running to others to tell secrets about others?

Have you ever played the “Telephone Game” ? never really comes out how you expect.

but my point is this: if you have a situation with someone talk it out with them.

if you fear for bodily harm, do it with a mediator. A neutral party who won’t judge you. 

Something. Anything. Just… cut the high school behavior out !!!


14 Responses to E-Thuggin

  1. weakvsfire says:

    Actually, I think in a way the Internet has allowed people to be the jackasses they really are. It’s like alcohol without the buzz. Not to say everyone is of course.

  2. mellownmighty says:

    I agree. I also feel that people also LOOK for stuff just so that they can make that accusation of “e-thuggin” just so that they can e-thug themselves.

    I honestly think it’s sad that it’s gotten to this point that e-thuggery is that rampant (and unnecessary).

  3. Jesse R. says:

    E-Thuggin’? In my day we used to pick on people to their face until he cried home to mommy. Then we laughed at him for being such a bitch. You kids have it easy these days.

  4. dtownsend23 says:

    Weak, I agree with you. it’s that veil of “anonymity” (i hope i spelled it right) people can say whatever and feel there will be no consequences.

    Mellow, everyone loves a good e-fight !!! *selling tickets now through pay-pal to next account*

    JR, with the way technology is going, don’t be surprised if kids start bringing robots to school to do the “e-thuggin”

  5. bunni_ says:

    i agree..
    a way that i have found to avoid the E-thuggin’
    would be to limit the amount of time that i spend on the net
    also limiting the amount of ways that i can be contacted
    sometimes its just better that way …

    always being reachable in my mind, at this point in my life is un called for

    not that i have any e-enemies who have it out for me anyways …
    but if i did, they wouldnt have a chance at picking an e-fight [hehe]

  6. dtownsend23 says:

    well, it’s hard to not be on the internet sometimes.
    especially if you have a laptop, and your university has wireless internet EVERYWHERE, and all your “friends” are online… plus all those fancy smart phones with their “high speed connections”

    but yeah, if people have “problems” or “concerns” with someone, just talk it out like adults.

  7. Capt. E-thug says:

    Yo Kid, str8 up, i dont like this sh*t. You wanna talk trash about what i do?? i got you. Not all of us can be BIG BAD BLOGGERS LIKE YOU big man. So big and bad talking smack through a keyboard about what IVE made famous. ILL KILL YOU FOO’. what you got now huh? nuttn. thats right nuttn. and nuttn is that much cooler when you spell it thuggish muggish like that. Dont hate cause you cant handle the hustle man. you got something real to say, reply!!! Come on, im listening… yeah, thats what i thought… NUTTN. Capt E-thug, OUT. keep talkin. Ill be back. gotta check my livejournal and xanga real quick… BIOTCHHHHHH

  8. dtownsend23 says:


    I’m honored you took time out of your busy “schedule” to discuss this here.

    Why do you feel the need to be so angry ?

  9. Capt. E-thug says:

    why?? why do you breathe?? its a way of life man. Theres tree huggers who make there livin with love and humpin bushes, and for every yin, theres a wang man, and im wang-f’n chung. Im tellin you. You cant see me *waves hand in front of face* NUTTN. why you takn time out YO sched to hate on the haters!! I put the playa hatas ball to shame, now they call it the grammys after I rolled through. You morons DESERVE to be hated on.. sittin here bloggin your life away like people wanna read it… DONT NOBODY LIKE YOU…. actually, someone does like you… you know who?? NOBOOODY.. lol. HA… You been thugged again… NOW WHAT?? h.o, my hotpockets ready. and i need a new mt. dew, brb

  10. mellownmighty says:

    Wow, Capt. E-thug. Just wow.

    I think you should go read “The Little Things” post to chill out a little.

  11. Capt. E-thug says:

    K, i read it, so what??!!?! I got a blind guy on my Ipod who sings to me everyday… TOP THAT… Id rather ride my Mtn Huffy 12 speed ANYDAY then ride the bus… you ppl and your “oh i have to work and make money” HAH… Get a real job. I make 2000 an account with my level 256 nightshadow half-dwarf-half-goat mage warrior. I made em call it WOW cause i leave everyone sayin it… mellownmighty huh? dont seem so MIGHTY to me. why dont you go mellow out and GET OFF DEEZ.. you cant handle this either. keep on barkin, but you goin up the wrong tree homie. KEEP BRING YO PEEPS TOWNSEND… ILL THUG ALL YALLZ… NOW WHAT!?!?! WHOS NEXT. BRING THE RUCKUS!!!

  12. dtownsend23 says:

    this is what i’m talking about.

    You are really here getting upset over nothing, sir.

    tell me, do your parents love you? do they pay you attention, or do they throw money at you to make you “play nice”

    I pray for the future of America if you decide to reproduce.

    P.S. I am officially warning you sir, you are borderline violating one of these rules

  13. Lord E-thug III says:

    My my my, my son comes and tells me that you been running yo mouf to him about what he does… This was a mistake lil boy. I am Lord E-thug III, Father of Capt. and i am here to allow you to bask in the greatest past time this country has. WE been talkin smack since we got here. You think the colonists showed up saw the indians, and didnt start mouthin off?? you think when the american beat back the british, we didnt let em know about it?? Hell, all the Declaration of Independence was was one Huge pile of trash talkin. We told them everything that was wrong with them, and how we gon be better. This country was founded on trash talkin, by trashtalkers. nd now some hippie liberal like yoself is gonna start spoutin off at the mouth about how pullin it to the internet is wrong… hell boy, its d**n near patriotic. Now before i start verbally visceratin your vivacious little website, tell me… who is more wrong, the person who is tellin there TRUTHFULL opinion, or the one tellin you what you wanna hear when they REALLY dont think it…

  14. dtownsend23 says:

    OK, seriously.

    Mr “thug” (father and son) listen carefully.
    it’s one thing to trash talk and back it up, and it’s another thing to talk trash because it makes you feel better about yourself.

    If you read the original post, my concern was for individuals who had problems with other individuals and didn’t talk about it in a mature manner.

    No one is asking anyone to lie about how they feel about things. If you don’t like a person, that’s your opinion; keep it to yourself, and live your life.

    If you feel like you HAVE to tell someone, talk to that person and try to squash it, or go lay on someone’s couch and talk about your childhood.

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