Mommy Dearest 2

Today, I made an interesting discovery: I really take computers for granted.

and it’s not just me.  It’s everyone who’s “Computer Savvy”. We truly take it for granted.

Take my mother for instance.

she’s gone back to school and she’s in a computer class, and she’s trying to learn how things work. For the past couple of days (Last Saturday) she’s been having problems figuring out how things work. 

She needed to downloaded a file from her teachers website, and the first link didn’t work, so she assumed her Internet was broken, and the 2nd file wasn’t opening correctly.

She was calling me, and a host of other people including sister #1, and a bunch of I.T. techs, and for some reason, no one knew what was going on. me personally, I had lost my patience and just told her to get a new browser.

So she called me today (btw, I was getting ready for a nap… I REALLY was) and she really needed my help. 

So, like a good son, I tried to help, I really did. 

Frustration set in…

My mom sounded very discouraged.

So, I had to stop and take a step back. something was wrong, I was missing something. 

So I walked her through it. slowly. step by step.

We made it to downloading the excel file. I saw it with no problem, but for some reason, Momma Blogmaster wasn’t catching it. 

I walked her all around the program.

Breakthrough !!!

The window for excel wasn’t maximized. 

the window for that spreadsheet was, but the program was not which prevented her from seeing the bottom of the file where the “tabs” were hiding.

She let out a scream. (NSFW) 

She was excited because that was the problem. This whole time.

Through all these “technical” people, through all the frustration.

She just didn’t hit the “Maximize” video.

Have you ever had to help someone with something that you thought was simple? what was it like?


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