Last to the Internet Party

Ok, I like to believe that I keep up with Internet games/things. Sometimes I tend to avoid Political things…

But this? 

This completly avoided me !!!

MellownMighty hipped me to this “Super Obama World” game slightly by accident. 

It all started with the device that only checks email.

Have you heard about it? It’s called The “Peek“. No phone service, No games, no text messaging… just checks emails.

yeah… thanks, but no thanks. I guess it was cool The President gets one (and anyone else who lives on 160o on your block) for free (limited time only) but really? only email?

Right… back to the story. 

So we were making fun of The Peek, and MnM insisted that they should “take them and make them play games”

I then responded with the fact that The Obama girls have REAL Handhelds.

MnM then said they should rig the Peak’s to play “Super Obama World”.

I started laughing because I thought the Idea was funny.

She then told me that such a game existed. 

I then went to the website and started playing… It was lots of fun…

but it wasn’t fun having MnM laugh at me for being so late to the party.

and that’s fine. 

You should go play this game

and sign up for updates !!!


One Response to Last to the Internet Party

  1. mellownmighty says:

    The concept of the “Peek” is honestly bootleg as all get out. If you got enough money to spend on a strictly email device for THAT much money, then I think you got enough money to get some form of smartphone that does much more.

    Oh, and yeah ROFLCAKES @ Blogmaster being late.

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