“I Beat that Game” Series: FF Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon

January 20, 2009

Hey, Mellownmighty here and I have been asked to give my thoughts on Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon for the Wii.

The game’s main protagonist is an adorable, yellow chocobo named, well, Chocobo. There are other characters in the game that you may be familiar with from other Final Fantasy games, plus a slew of random folks that have absolutely no place in the Final Fantasy universe but are there to keep the story moving. Kinda like Ving Rhames’s character in Rosewood (oh, like that link didn’t make you giggle). The main purpose of the game is to restore the memories of the townspeople of Lostime by going inside their head and running a dungeon based on their memories.

There was a Chocobo’s Dungeon that came out on the playstation but from what I recall, this edition for the Wii does not tie the two games together at all. The edition for the Wii is still a dungeon crawler and the dungeons are still randomized, which keeps the challenges going and lessens boredom. It has also made me scream on those wonderful specialty dungeons that they now have. 

The biggest changes to this edition of the game are Job Changes, Gardening, and Fishing. Chocobo can now change jobs to suit his situation through a job change crystal that is introduced at the beginning of each dungeon but the jobs only become available as you obtain the memories of each profession. The gardening aspect of the game gives you the ability to plant “Mystery Seeds” to obtain flowers that do anything from granting job points to curing afflictions. Oh, you can talk trash about the froo-froo-ness of gardening all you want but those flowers will save your butt. Fishing is just what it sounds like: you are fishing for the sake of selling the fish and for one other bonus that you’ll find out if you ever play the game.

As for my honest view on the game, I loved it and I found it to be highly overlooked by most gamers looking for an RPG with substance. Yes, it is an adorable bird and there are tear-jerker moments but don’t you DARE think for a moment that beating this game was a cake walk. Blogmaster should remember the phone calls about how that game is “ridiculously hard for no reason” and then I turn around and call back stating that “I should’ve used that strategy earlier”  when I successfully complete the “ridiculously hard” dungeon.The storyline was actually very good, at times predictable, but still very good. I also took advantage of the mini-games to take a break from the dungeons. Now, that I have beaten the game, I still have work to do because I still have 7 out of 8 post story dungeons to do, plus getting the highest scores on the mini-games. I have also learned that I am just now getting to the ridiculously hard dungeons. Yay.

I recommend this as a fun game that will keep you both entertained for hours and ready to cuss out the screen every once in awhile.

New Author

January 20, 2009

So… I’ve added a new author to the fold.

It’s MellownMighty !!!

She will be posting first in a new series I’d like to call “I beat the game”.

In order to actually make one of these… you have to beat the game you’re playing. 

For now, we will leave it to actual console games… 

Maybe a handheld or 2 if it’s really good.

No World of Warcraft… sorry.

I’m working on one right now.

Ala81 laid the foundation here.

Now, it’s Mellow’s turn. Mine is on it’s way.