Monday Post X !!!

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the TENTH Monday Post in my blog’s Existence. Everyone seems to love and look forward to these Mondays, so I shall continue to provide what you need/want.

Here’s what you might have missed last week.

A talented guy with a lot of time on his hands who is really dedicated to his art, pays homage to one of my favorite Video Games.

Financial Aid Fairy Renegade came and gave “presents” to the good little boys & girls.

I received a very Mysterious Box.

I then found out what was in the box with 10 9 special ladies.

The city of  “Blogestonia” was under a  state of emergency

And to wrap things up from last week, I had an Eye openinig experience with a barbershop and some geese Ducks.

Last night I went to a party at the club. It was alright, but it made me realize that maybe I’m getting too old for the club… or that I need to roll 20 deep to have a good time… that, and I need to listen to more Soulja Boy.

(by the way, Has anyone seen the DVD he keeps talking about?)

oh, and This Guy.  Will the owners promoters Parents of these kids PLEASE cut this out??? and it’s not just them, it’s almost everyone, including her too (Guys are just as guilty).  Since when was it ok for THIS ???

Ok, i’m not a hater… and I am all for kids having fun and being active… but really

*yes, I do realize i’m extending their “15 minutes” but… I’m just concerned is all. 

*takes a deep breath* Ok, New topic.

Twelven joined the PS3 fold this weekend *fanfare* which means we have 1 (possibly 2) new coaches for the Dynasty. However, I can’t add them until We play that National Championship (Cal & ECU) which I have JUST been notified will be played this Friday @ 8pm. May the best coach win.

Extrav The Battle of the Gods Stepshow is this Saturday, did you get your ticket yet?

This week, If you go to One Fresh Stir fry and say “Whooping Crane” you can get a free topping. I love that place 🙂

And finally,

As some of you might have noticed

I changed the page layout. it’s a new year, so I guess it’s time for a new layout.

What do  you think? do you like it? or should I go back to the original ? leave a comment  with your honest opinion.


3 Responses to Monday Post X !!!

  1. mellownmighty says:

    I honestly like the new layout. It’s very bright and cheery.

    Maybe it’s because I don’t really dance like that, but I find those dances to be kinda dumb. All they look like to me are various stages of a bad seizure. They may be a good workout and all, but dancing around with the “Stroke face” is not my cup of tea.

  2. mellownmighty says:

    Ok, the fanfare link and the related links made me giggle.

  3. dtownsend23 says:

    I tell you, i put in work for these links, to bring smiles, giggles, and chuckles to all that read.

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