MondayPost 8

Well, it’s here.

The first Monday of 2009 !!!

How did you spend your new years?

Mine was alright, but Ms. Blogmaster was at work, and Heather had left me… so I spent it with my PS3.

So, As always, here’s what you may have missed from last year week:

You might be wondering how did that visit go. Honestly, not as bad as I thought; It could have been MUCH worse. I guess I can finally shed my mental image of my “Old World Parents” and take up this New and Improved version of them.

However, I will NOT have them sleep over any more; Yes, they DID sleep on the futon like I said they would, but they need their OWN bed when they come up here; we don’t have a “Guest Bedroom” yet, so a hotel will have to do.

My little sister is also up here now, and it’s not that bad. I won’t be babysitting her, I might tell her how to find things, or let her know how things work on campus, but that will be about it.

Yes, we’ll hang out ever now and then, but we’re both adults and we’re leading our own lives.

p.s. I got a funny clip… but i’m saving it.


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