I woke up this morning, and she wasn’t there next to me.

I ran out into the living room; she wasn’t there either.

Sorrow filled my soul.

with a heavy heart, I walked over to “Old Faithful” and said…

“Will you help me write this blog about your competition ?”

and as expected, she said with a smile on her bright cheery monitor “Yes, it will be like the old days !!!”

I muttered under my breath “for now”

** end of poetry time **

It’s the first morning without my laptop mistress, I knew I was going to miss her, but i didn’t realize it would be this bad.   I noticed things were bad just 3 hours after I sent her away.

Each time I thought about calling her, telling her I missed her and that she should come back so that we could grow old together… but I knew that would be selfish of me. She needs time to grow and do her (skip to about 2:17) so she can come back and do what she was made for. (song lyrically NSFW)

So now, all the blog updates will be on “Old Faithful” or on the “mobile mistress” the problem with her is that she has trouble spelling


One Response to exodus3

  1. naynay says:

    this was great… and as ive said before… you will get through this

    eventually … just dont do anything crazy in the mean time.

    keep your self busy as to not fly off the handle …

    she’ll be back (in one form or the other)… just tough it out, and think of the children.

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