“It’s the Monday before Christmas, and all through the blog… 

there wasn’t a thing to drink, not even some ‘nog…  ” 


What, didn’t you know I was part poet?

Well, my mistress Heather Pi is getting old. she’s not reacting to those “special”  buttons when I push them, she takes an eternity to wake up, when you get her started, she won’t shut up, she’s starting to randomly blank out in the middle of a thought… it’s getting serious.  Maybe it’s time I find a  new mistress…   maybe of a different nationality…  (no racism)

Well, enough about me and my “infidelity issues”, Here’s what you may have missed this week.

 I had an interesting phone conversation with my mom and my little sister is transferring up here for the spring (my last) semester.

 I asked (I wonder if only people from NY pronounce the word as “axed” ) the general blog populous to send me “special pictures”  I’m still waiting on these…

 I discovered my new found love for human pyramids

There was a “Black Santa” sighting

And… I almost came home with a new pair of sneakers, Jeans, T-shirt, and a toothbrush

  Here’s something new I’m trying:

If you find funny news articles/ YouTube Postings (let’s keep them appropriate and recent, please) send them to me, and I might post them here!

let’s start off with something “Double-X” put on his facebook status

“MellownMighty” has decided to give me a couple stories:

  • This one talks about paranoia in the worst way (all of that came from a song, unfortunately there’s no clean version… so be advised this is NSFW (not safe for work) or if you are sensitive to “strong adult language”  steer clear )
  • OK, so this one talks about a fellow who took the term “Lay-Z-Boy” too far here’s a better look at how that story started
  • Now it’s practically illegal to be a Good Samaritan ???
  • Just because Rappers like to “Make it Rain” that doesn’t mean you should try to “one up” them   

** end of new experiment **

Before I forget;  If you go to 1 Fresh Stir-Fry (one of my Favorite Restaurants in town nay, in life!) and tell them what  your  perfect gift would be, you get a  free veggie and topping on your order ( believe me, if you go, you’ll thank me)


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