Mobile Moment 3

So I’m at the Barbershop today.
I’m not sure if you know, but it’s scientifically proven that Saturday is the best day to visit the barbers.

Yes, the lines tend to be longer, but the average barber seems to be much more into their job on this day.

Now, I understand that barbershops are the #1 spots to “expand your hustle”
If you are selling your mix-tape, or the latest Tyler Perry DVD (doesn’t matter HOW you acquire the merchandise) the barbershop is the place to sell it but…

While I appreciate “urban economical development” I believe that a line needs to be drawn somewhere

Today’s moment: an older gentleman was in the barbershop today selling the following:
– Dial Soap
– Washcloths
– Toothbrushes (looks like toothpaste was also available)

Like I said earlier, I can appreciate a “hustle” but really? Toothbrushes?? Next thing you know someone is gonna start selling…

This just in: a man walks in selling homemade cookies of various blends: I almost bought some (just kidding)

Ok, as I was saying, where do we draw the line?

Ladies, and gentleman; do you get the same experiences? How do you feel about the “mobile hustle” ?

*sorry for the poor spelling today; no spell check *

This just in:
The clothing/shoes man just walked in with a duffle bag filled with sneakers, t-shirts, and jeans. Apparently he brings in a sample, and has the rest in his car.

** Stop the presses !!! **
so my barber and his client are talking about some valentine’s day plans.
My barber then proceeds to produce a whip and tickler!!!
What a day to be low on battery

I am convinced GOD really enjoys my blog, and likes giving me stories.

The “urban merchant” count rests at 4 as a man walks in with an arm full p sweaters with “phat farm jeans in the car”


2 Responses to Mobile Moment 3

  1. MellownMighty says:

    I honestly hate when I go to the barbershop and someone is really hustling too hard. It even happens at beautyshops.
    I was sitting with a homegirl while she was getting her sew-in fixed and a chick came in trying to sell Trina tickets at 2 for $20 dollars. As she was leaving, a guy came in trying to sell me some bootleg porn and BET Blackbusters on DVD. Who on earth sells BET movies from their car?
    I think hairdressers and barbers need to keep the hustlers in check because I do not want be to kicked out the barbershop for cussin at somebody trying to sell me porn in front of children.
    And why is your barber hustling adult products?

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    not so much hustling, just telling a story on how he plans on surprising his wife for Valentine’s Day.

    gotta love barbershops.

    I get my haircut near the Jamaican Restaurant down the street from me.

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