Alright, It’s the Monday of Finals. Everyone do your best !

Well, The teams playing in the BCS Championship has been chosen.

So has the teams for the Fiesta, Sugar, Rose, and Orange Bowl.

The Rose bowl wasn’t in the fancy “BCS Selection Show” last night because that game won’t be on FOX, it’ll be on ABC (separate contract) 

FSU will be playing here, which is better than NO bowl I guess. I was thinking about going since the Tickets should be pretty cheap, right?

I want to take this time to thank EVERYONE out there for helping my blog hit 1500 views. I know it’s not much compared to some places, but I’m still grateful. I’ll do my best to keep bringing you the best I got. 

Ok, so now that I got that stuff out the way…

Here’s what you missed this week:

I talked about loving “half” a person.

We also talked about how long do we keep our Children’s Trust.

Garnet & Gold Bowl II happened on Friday.

There was a Blackout in China this week. 

You missed this week’s random thought (pause) and question

And of course… We discussed Ice Cubes on women’s fingers.

I like the direction the overall blog is going; but I’m biased. How do YOU feel about the direction of the blog? I’ve got some plans for 09; I thought about telling you about it, but as they say “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission”


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