Cal Week 15

This week, The #2 Cal Golden Bears has a Pac-10 Match up against a 4-7 (4-4 conference play) Washington Huskies. Both analyst predicts Cal to win this one, and I agree with them, there should be NO reason I lose this game, right? 

The game starts with us bending but not breaking on their first drive, and us scoring on ours.

We go back and forth all the way to the 4th Qtr.

then an INT ran back for a TD seals the deal with :04 left.

This was probably a lot closer than what the experts thought.

** Stats **

Longshore threw 22 out of 30 for 30o yds, 4TDs and 2 INTs

Best did not have his best game today… he ran 11 for 4yds (yes, he averaged .3 yds a carry) he just couldn’t get the ball moving today.

Tucker caught 4 for 91, 3 of which were TDs

Boateng caught the other Td with 4 other catches totaling to 88 yds.

Cunningham caught 7 passes for 68 yds also.

So the Receivers did their job… 


6 TFLs, 0 sacks, and the lone INT that went for the game-ending score.

** end of stats **

All in all, we didn’t have a great game, but we’ll take the W. I am concerned how this will affects Best’s chances for the Heisman and the Walker award… Stay Tuned. 

Final Score: 35-21.


One Response to Cal Week 15

  1. Ala81 says:

    Sounds like those Huskies gave you all you wanted. Way to get the W though buddy

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