Random Thought 3

OK, so there’s an African Proverb (Which has been used by a couple rappers) that says:

“Sleep is the cousin of Death”

I’d like to know on whose side ?

I woke up this morning and it was 27 degrees out. I started walking outside to work and there was FROST on the grass. It made me happy.

but then I wondered: “What would happen to the city of Tallahassee- Nay, the STATE of Florida if it were to snow?”

I’m not talking flurries of delight, I’m talking a solid 8 inches. *pause* (OK, I had a clip that was suppose to go there, but I don’t want to offend… Email me for the clip… it’s REALLLLY Funny, but REALLLLY offensive.)

**Victory, I found a less-offensive clip here**

what do you think? what would happen to Florida if it really snowed?


4 Responses to Random Thought 3

  1. Chaquita Banana says:

    Floridians would freak if it snowed! Hahaha! Can you imagine our office…the mother hens would all be on hyper over-drive! I would prob just start charging for rides in my car since a lil snow never bothered me (I learned to drive in white-out conditions in the C-bus)

  2. Birthday Girl says:

    I can say (from experience!) the ONE and only time in my life that it snowed in Jacksonville in the early 90s… we had maybe an inch (and that could be an exaggeration!) but absolutely everything closed! I distinctly remember riding in the car with my dad and it looked like a ghost town. We came home and Dad put us in cardboard boxes, attached the dog’s leash, and threw a tennis ball down the street. Ah, my first sleigh/sled ride. It was nearly ten years later when I saw snow again- and it was only because I was on a ski trip in Tennessee. Now that was snow! I made my first snowman, had my first snowball fight, and saw it fall (much prettier that Florida’s characteristic rainstorms!).

    All reminiscing aside, I would love it if it snowed in Florida again… I’ve never had a snow-day and it’d be so cool (no pun intended!!) to have one now! I guess I’ll have to settle for scraping ice off my windshield with my credit card… I’m pretty sure the only ice scrapers they sell in Florida are spatulas!

    BTW, Chaquita, I love your reference to the mother hens. It’s exactly what they are!!

  3. naynay says:

    I think a little dare i say A LOT of snow would do u guys in florida some good … last year (in toronto) we had probably close to 100cm (i dont know what that is in inches) probably like 50something but yah it was a lot and we all lived through it… what doesnt kill u makes u stronger… not that im calling u soft blogmaster, but if the shoe fits my dear

  4. dtownsend23 says:

    Now, wait JUST a minute Ms. Maple…

    I was BORN and RAISED in Brooklyn, NY.

    I have seen and survived more than my fair share of snow.

    I’m curious as to how Florida would react. I would be fine, ecstatic even.

    *lowers defense shields*

    btw, 100cm (crazy metric system) comes out to a little more than 39 inches of snow last year.

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