Rules of Engagement


So, I’ve been thinking…

And pondering…

and planning…

I’ve been with MS. BlogMaster for over 3 years now, and I am more than ready to ask her that most important question:

“Honey, Where did you put the remote?”


Seriously, I’m ready for that next step, because honestly being 25 and introducing A woman to your family and friends as “Your girlfriend” just doesn’t feel right…

I can’t get into too many details for fear Ms. Blogmaster (or a sneaky informant) may read this and spoil my plans… *thanks to for the picture*

According to a  website they say  “According to the generally accepted convention, a man should spend roughly two months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring. While this guideline is certainly not a law, polls show that many men agree with this spending recommendation, and in the minds of many women it’s become an accepted standard.” *that was from*

OK, that’s all well in good, but what does the guy get? where’s HIS fancy/expensive gift???

All I’m saying is if I’m spending $x on the ring plus $y on the setup of “the moment” I’m gonna need something more than a 3 letter word (or worse) and a tender embrace!

I want something tangible also !

Since SOME women demand strongly suggest rings with Ice cubes; I think Men should get a token of thanks. maybe a new TV… a Nice Watch… a nice injection into the Blu-Ray Library

I’m not dropping hints per-say (maybe I am) I just wonder where’s the equality? with it being 2008 (almost 2009) and everyone demanding equal rights, I think it’s about time that this gets shaken up a little bit…

But, I have considered what can happen if this gets too shaken up…

there might be a woman out there somewhere who might want to do the proposing !!!

I’m sorry, but if one of my guy friends approached me with a “ring” saying his GF proposed to him… I’m laughing uncontrollably indefinitely.

Maybe we need to re-write the “Rules of Engagement”.

Maybe we should keep them the same with a couple amendments…

What do you think?

**Disclaimer: please do not take this post the wrong way. I am NOT “anti-engagement” or a “Romantic Hater” these are all just thoughts and a thought provoking question**

*** Crisis Averted. for 3.5 minutes I was under the impression that my friend from NY and my “lil’ Sister”/Classmate were having their wedding the SAME DAY. Fortunately, They weren’t the same Day. I wasn’t going to be able to choose  ***


11 Responses to Rules of Engagement

  1. birthday girl says:

    Blogmaster, in my opinion, you have two choices here:

    1. Suck it up and know that what you get in return is the opportunity, the HONOR, the chance to marry the woman of your dreams. The return will come during the many long years ahead of you… Wait til you see what she gives you on your wedding night. 🙂


    2. Buy a cubic zirconium (sp?). That’s what my dad did for my mom at first (two teenagers in love, he could barely buy her dinner, let alone some bling!), then 20 years later replaced it with a rock big enough to make up for all those years of wearing cz. Then at least you won’t feel bitter b/c “all” she gave in return was a three letter word.

    happy planning!!

    p.s. Women propose all the time nowadays… but I highly doubt they do it with a ring! I’m pretty sure the whole engagement ring thing goes by the wayside, it’s just romantically popping the question and buying some wedding bands later…

  2. birthday girl says:

    P.P.S. Don’t let Lady Talkalot get wind of your potential plans… I can see it now… “When my son proposed to my daughter in law it was the cutest thing… You know, I think you should… Well, this is the way you do it… My son’s ex-girlfriend’s brother’s cousin’s mom’s best friend’s daughter was proposed to and…” blahblahblah. :-0

  3. Ada81 says:

    Okay, so I’m going to have to go out on my romantic tip here for a moment. As a male, I can tell you Mr. Blogmaster that what we get is better than any ring or toys or the such. We get the woman of our dreams. I know it sounds corny and that they get us too, but lets face it women will always be the better half. Just my thoughts and maybe a little backwards for your new equal world.

  4. dtownsend23 says:

    you know what?
    you’re the 3rd woman to say that Ada81…

    I’m Just messing with you. I know all about the whole “women of your dreams” thing, but why must we as men sell ourselves short?

    We are (some of us) big deals.

    And we get engaged to (and sometimes marry) big deals.

    If we make big deals in asking for the hand of our better half, they should make big deals in gaining their better half.

  5. Chaquita Banana says:

    Cue the Boyz II Men…I’m down on bend and knee

  6. dtownsend23 says:

    you’re down on bend and knee?

    I guess I could loan you some…
    when can you pay me back?

  7. Tiana says:

    When men have to go through an expereince equivalent to child birth, THEN we can discuss men getting the equivalent of an engagemen ring.


  8. Birthday Girl says:

    this couldn’t be more true! I COMPLETELY agree with Tiana!

  9. 9 lives says:

    I agree with Tiana….women go through child birth, cramps, AND its tradition that our fam PAYS for the WHOLE wedding which is more than the ring ANYWAY….I think men have it easy.

    • dtownsend23 says:

      Your FAMILY pays for the wedding, not you.

      I am talking about a specific gift/ token for the “engagement”

      Stop thinking so far ahead into the future.

      Now, Unfortunately; I don’t really have a response for childbirth- I wouldn’t dare disrespect women on that front, but again, I speak of the engagement itself.

  10. weakvsfire says:

    i don’t get the whole honor of having a wife comments but i guess thats just me
    i mean
    if i love someone and i want to get married
    i’m gonna get married with or without a ring

    also the whole she’s gonna have cramps and go through
    child birth response also seems pointless to me
    now aside from cramps cause dude can’t help that, i would want something from the man who put the bun in the oven but
    not a ring
    a ring can’t do a thing for me but cut the blood circulation to my finger
    i’d rather have a chair that can give a back massage
    or him give me a massage
    cook dinner while i’m achy all over
    watch some of my favorite shows with me

    actually i’d much rather get a wii or a ps3 than a ring
    oh the love

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