SGRho Probate Fall 08

So, Monday (11/24/08) I took another trip “across the tracks” over to FAMU for another Probate. This time I had the pleasure of watching the New Sigma Gamma Rho Line Introduce themselves to the campus of Florida A & M University.

The Event was supposed to start @ 5pm (5:22 to be exact) I wanna stay it started after 6 (not much a surprise there)

It was a pretty average probate; it had a couple hiccups…

Ok, Honestly, i wasn’t really impressed.

They had some decent greetings, but they were sloppy overall.

At one point while the DP/ADPs (Dean of Pledges/Assistant Dean of Pledges) were re-adjusting the line of 4, the “Ace” of the line decided to continue with the probate; she was so anxious her DP had to verbally tell her to wait. It was actually kind of adorable in the same kinda way your kid tries to make breakfast but the breakfast itself is so… undone you end up taking the kid to IHOP for trying their best.

Another point of interest/concern was the lack of respect shown by the other sororities.

Now, I understand that the D9 sororities “Don’t Like” each other, but really? the sorority gave a very decent, generic greeting to the other 3 sororities (Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta) only one of them “responded”.

To my knowledge 2 of the organizations were out there; and only ONE of the organizations acknowledge the greeting… I’m purposely avoiding the identity of the respective organizations because I don’t want any problems 🙂

When the ladies greeted each of the Fraternities, they responded (except for the group that was in trouble with the University)

The Greetings were great, their crispness was a little on the soggy side, Other than that those ladies look like they will be a great addition not only to the university, but their Organization.

Congrats Ladies


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