FSU Lost

FSU also lost their chance to play in the ACC Conference Championship game

well, we ARE bowl eligible… but I really don’t want another “Emerald Nut Bowl” appearance.

Slyvester Croom and Mississippi St. are NOT bowl eligible.
Coach Croom retired this weekend, and his departure will bring the total of African American Head Coaches in 1A Football down to 3. He will be missed.

So… The BCS needs a playoff system , but that’s nothing new.

SHOUT OUT to EJ Manuel being on Snoop Dogg’s “Father Hood” on E! too bad he didn’t say anything. You see him for like 3 seconds; he didn’t even speak, lame.
and WHAT in the world is Snoop’s Wife thinking about putting a FARM in the backyard???
Shout out to Snoop for saying “Florida State”
whatever, I’ll take ANY positive publicity this week.

So I completely forgot to mention Thanksgiving (that did happen Thursday before the game clinic UF put on, right?)
I was able to with Ms. Blogmaster to the home of her Sisters. They cooked amazing food (words could not describe the ham… I think a tear of joy came to my eye after first taste)

After dinner, we started to watch Katt Williams new DVD; I’ve decided that Katt Williams is extremely funny to me. Anytime I watch one of his performances, My stomach aches from laughter. Ms. Blogmaster had work that night, so we left early. I finished out the night playing Video games. What a Night.

Friday, I spent most the day @ home, went to work; got ready for Saturday’s Rush

Saturday, worked 13 hrs. One of my customers brought me food; I took care of them for about half of the season of Home Games and they kept promising me food; Glad they kept their word. I dunno if you know, but it rained… a LOT; So much so, that we sold out of our stock of ponchos, and I started selling Trash bags…
Yes, I did sell trash bags…
Yes, people BOUGHT trash bags. Gotta love Tipsy fans !!!
Lesson learned: it doesn’t matter what color you represent; everyone gets wet the same way.

Sunday, quiet day. I worked till 1pm, came home, and just hung out with Ms. Blogmaster (ok, actually she did some cleaning, and worked on papers)

Something else happened this weekend… I realized that not only is this the close of the Regular Season, this is more than likely my LAST Home football working @ G&GI
(Who knows, I might wind up working in their IT department)

School ends this Friday. Finals end the following Friday. Then, it’s freedom…

How will you spend your free time?
Personally, I will play a lot of Video games (I think i have 5 in rotation right now) and start working on my ideas for the blog for the new year…

When this semester ends, that means that I am 5 classes away from Graduation

Don’t forget to drop a response on the “Great Toilet Seat Deabate

So I hear my good friend from Brooklyn is getting Married Next year. Congratulations!!!
*for the record, Jay-Z is NOT the friend I’m talking about*
I’m really happy for him, only concern is that the game Wedding is on a Saturday in October… which is prime time College Football… guess I will be figuring out a way to watch whichever FSU football game is going on that day. Worse case scenario: we play Mario Kart DS during the Ceremony. (kidding… sorta)

*Can’t wait to see the Invite*

So… my eye’s have been acting weird. It’s like there are eyelashes attacking them, but when I check; there’s nothing there. Creepy. Upon Further review, I had an eyelash attacking my eyeball; it’s been handled.

Has anyone else noticed how the phrase “It is what it is” has spread like wildfire? it seems everyone is saying it now.

I’m happy so many people enjoy the Monday Roundup. I’ll do my best to keep providing you guys with amazing things.

Oh, and none of my favorite Co-workers are in today… what a Monday !


2 Responses to mondaypost3

  1. birthday girl says:

    i guess i’m not your favorite… i am definitely here today

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    That doesn’t count!
    You weren’t here when this blog went to posting 😦

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