December 31, 2008

I woke up this morning, and she wasn’t there next to me.

I ran out into the living room; she wasn’t there either.

Sorrow filled my soul.

with a heavy heart, I walked over to “Old Faithful” and said…

“Will you help me write this blog about your competition ?”

and as expected, she said with a smile on her bright cheery monitor “Yes, it will be like the old days !!!”

I muttered under my breath “for now”

** end of poetry time **

It’s the first morning without my laptop mistress, I knew I was going to miss her, but i didn’t realize it would be this bad.   I noticed things were bad just 3 hours after I sent her away.

Each time I thought about calling her, telling her I missed her and that she should come back so that we could grow old together… but I knew that would be selfish of me. She needs time to grow and do her (skip to about 2:17) so she can come back and do what she was made for. (song lyrically NSFW)

So now, all the blog updates will be on “Old Faithful” or on the “mobile mistress” the problem with her is that she has trouble spelling


Same Name?

December 30, 2008

** Disclaimer **

The thoughts and views of the following post are that of a pure hypothetical nature. Please do not take ANYTHING in this post the wrong way, it is for entertainment purposes only

** End Disclaimer **

So, I was on Facebook, looking at people’s statuses and such, and I discovered an old Facebook Friend.

I remember this facebook friend mainly because we have the same last name and are NOT related (well, as far as we could trace)

so we got the facebook chatting (which by the way, is slowly getting better, people aren’t randomly disappearing as much) and then I was hit with a very interesting “hypothetical situation”

If we were to get married: what would her new last name be? would she change it? Hyphenate it? superscript it?

What would be the appropriate thing to do if your last name was “Smith” and you met/fell in love with/planned to marry someone with the last name of Smith?

does she become “Smith-Smith” ?

what about ” Smith^2 ” ?

would it be considered laziness if she stayed Smith?

how do you tell this story to friends with a straight face ?

what would your Parents think when you first bring them home ???

how much fun would you have explaining this to anyone who asks for your maiden name for official business ?

What are your thoughts? concerns?


December 30, 2008

Well, The day has arrived. I just got my empty box to ship Helen (i mean Heather…) back to her homeland in.

One final backup and now it begins.

I have to erase all her memories now.

Every time I’ve ever done a restore like this, a little piece of me dies each time. Good thing I got this external hard drive this time 🙂

I’ve gotta erase school files, family photos, music, movies, everything. I’m pretty sure H.P. Would do it, but I have privacy issues
(normally, I would have a link to a previous post dealing with this issue, but mobile updates aren’t that fancy, so check my post on “eagle eye” movie )
Blame my information security teacher for that one.
I already miss my mistress; who will keep me warm on those cold lonely nights? Whose buttons will I push now?

With my parents arrival around the corner, and spring semester not far behind, I only wish I started this process earlier.

So I open my empty box; and it’s not so empty.

Upon further review, I find all of this stuff inside

They gave me packing supplies and forms to fill out, and instructions on how to properly pack my loved one for her journey.

As of now she is 60% back to factory settings/memories. I also gave to call fed-ex to either pick it up or me drop it off somewhere… More on that later.

** update **
I called FedEx (the people who sponsor the Orange Bowl) about a scheduled pick-up. The lady was so nice. They are picking her up later today even after dropping the box off not too long ago.

**update **

Sorrow washes over my soul. 2 really good photo-shoots i did recently (I like to take pictures of random things) Has disappeared.

I thought I did a good job in backing everything up. unfortunately “The Computer says no”

2000 !!!

December 30, 2008

Yes, i’m aware that we’re going into 2009…

I Just wanted to thank everyone for getting me to 2000 views.

Even if that means one person hit Refresh 1999 times; Thanks 🙂

Slowly creeping up to post 100; Any ideas?


Ok, I usually don’t post thing with lots of  profanity but…

I just got this from MellownMighty… you will need headphones if you are at work.

This clip has it’s fair share of profanity… but somewhat needed. If you can’t watch the whole thing, jump to about 3:45


December 29, 2008

It’s the Last Monday of 2008 !!!

I cannot believe that the year is almost over, and the new year is almost upon us. Like I mentioned before, my sister (with our parents) will be up here on Saturday (which happens to be the FIRST Saturday of 2009 !!!) 

Well, let’s start  off with what you might have missed this week:

I saw Eagle Eye and questioned the future of Technology

I realized the Holidays are the New Matrix

My Mistress may be on her last leg  

Now for some new stuff:

First, Garnet & Gold (which happens to be the BEST store for FSU Clothes and memorabilia) is having a Store-wide sale. 25% off everything that’s not framed or already on sale. This deal is only good at the store on W. Pensacola (which is NOT to be confused with that “bookstore” on E. Pensacola) they’re open till 5 today. tell them the Blogmaster sent ya !

As many of you know, I plan on finally unleashing my thoughts and ideas upon the rest of the Internet at the start of the new year. Since September, I have been asking lots of my friends, and associates to read my work, and give their opinions. This is coming up to the one of the last posts for the new year. I implore that the less trepid of my readers (yes, trepid is the word of the day) to put a reply up on this post with any last minute tidbits of advice you may have for me (or my up and coming “mini-staff” )

Don’t be scared, we won’t bite; but HE might (a curse word slips out, just turn down the volume if you’re at work) 


Something else I’ve decided to do is post a “Rules of my Blog” page. The purpose of this post/page is to explain how my blog works, how to respond to posts, and where you can find various things on my blog. For Example, if you type in any combination of words in the search bar over there  —————>  you will get back a list of posts containing those words, WOW !!! 


Don’t tell anyone I told you this but…

A friend of mine of the Feline Persuasion is entering the blog world. That’s all I’m allowed to say. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m getting in trouble for even saying this much.

I also have another friend who’s working on a political website… but they are having some legal issues with their webmaster. Here’s hoping they get that handled soon. 

Well, that’s about all I have for today.  

Once again, I want to thank EVERYONE who’s ever read my blog, or written a response, or given me an idea for a post. It is always appreciated, and I promise to give my all when I sit down to this laptop (or walk with my iPhone). I also promise to stay consistent, unless there is need for change.

and Finally, If you have a blog, and you want to be “blog pals” drop me a line, let’s network and take over the world Internet blog-world


December 26, 2008

Well, all good things must come to an end…

As some of you might remember, My mistress Helen Heather Pi is still pretty sick. I’m getting her ready to be sent off to a facility for some preemptive tests; They might perform some surgery on her, I hope everything will be OK with her.

I’m currently backing up her memories… I swear she doesn’t forget a THING.

I’ll be tracking the progress as best as possible.

Holiday Matrix

December 26, 2008

I think some one has been slipping me the Red pill in my Egg Nog for a  few years now… because I think I’ve discovered something crazy. The Holidays aren’t as “magical” as we all grew up thinking them to be.

When you were younger, you would wake up rush downstairs (or down the hall) to the living room where your parents would have created a winter wonderland with a trimmed tree , and Christmas stockings over the fireplace (if you had one of those), some breakfast ready, presents under the tree, and a host of other things reminding you that “today” is in fact Christmas.

As you started to wade out deeper in the pool of life and hit the Adolescence section (now equipped with hoop and water guns) for some reason (depending on your economic status) Christmas starts losing it’s “coolness” factor; mainly because your relatives still think it’s cool to get you socks =/

As you start heading towards the deep end (adulthood) and you go out on your own, it hits you: the smoke and mirrors all fail and you realize that the “Essence of Christmas” is dependant on your family… 

Please keep in mind I am NOT talking about the “meaning” of Christmas, that never changes, I’m talking about the “flashing lights” that surround the holiday. The “Spirit of Cheer” if you will 

I haven’t been back to my Parents house for Christmas in YEARS. not necessarily because I don’t want to, but because now that I’m on my own, I have to work to pay bills and all that good stuff; since I’m still in college (Spring ’09 Graduation !!!) my options in the workforce are still somewhat limited so I have to work where I can.

Ask anyone that spends Christmas “Alone” or “Without their families” they usually complain about how much fun they didn’t have.

On the flip side, I’m noticing a new trend where college students are bored @ home with their families. I’ve even heard a few people say they can’t wait to get back to school; the very same school they tried to escape first chance they got.

Back when we played in the shallow end of the “pool of life” when we got back to school from Winter Break, you couldn’t wait to tell your friends all the cool things you got for Christmas. Now, you can’t wait to tell your friends how bored you were at home. Where’s the magic? where are the Christmases of our youth?

I am convinced that with a lack of Money Family, Christmas isn’t what it used to be. It’s like Santa lost his swag… 

or did Santa get hit by the recession? 

Wait, is there even a Santa ??? 


Here’s what I think is going on:

I think that “Adults” are given a chart. 

On this chart it measures out how much money spent on Christmas Quality is supposed to go down as the child gets older (unless you’re rich, then it goes in the opposite direction)

On this chart, there’s a red star, which is the estimated age where you start giving your child the red pill in their Egg Nog. I haven’t figured out that age yet… 

What I also don’t understand is why we keep it going. When we become “Adults” and start having our own offspring, it’s like we try to recreate the Christmas Magic that we lost many years ago… only to have it taper off on our children as they get older, only continuing a vicious circle of false hope, and broken dreams. </mild sarcasm>

What do you think? Do you think there’s an age where we realize the Christmas magic is smoke and mirrors? What was it like when you first woke up to the Christmas truth?