Cal Week 14

Well, your #3 Cal Bears have the week off. So does the mildly underrated #6 USF Bulls (I’m sure you’ll hear more about that later)

So, what’s a team with the week off to do?

Let me fill you in on things around the league and my School

** Warning **

None of the events that I or any of the other “coaches” speak of are things that are really happening in the real world. This is all a Made up dynasty the 3 of us play weekly just to see where the world of College Football would be. Although this season is just about over, we will gladly be accepting applications for the next “season” which will be starting the week after the National Championship game. Full details on that will find their way to the surface in time.

** End of Warning **

In this world of Make Believe, the BCS is shaped VERY differently. Yes I’m aware it’s because of these 3 new coaches shaking things up… but that’s life

In our world here’s the lay of the land (with the real world counterpart here) :

#1 Oklahoma (Alabama)

#2 Florida State (Texas)

#3 Cal                 (Oklahoma)

#4 ECU                (Florida)

#5 USF                 (USC)

Ok, so i don’t care enough to go all the way down the list… but you get the idea. Assuming everyone Wins out, Cal will be @ the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin; ECU meets up with Ohio State @ the Fiesta Bowl; and USF plays host to a #7 Texas Tech @ the Orange Bowl, with FSU and Oklahoma meeting @ the National Championship (See, it WASN’T that hard to go Undefeated this year FSU… )

With a certain RB injured down in Tampa, that left the Heisman Race open for J.Best to take over at the top of the votes.  Best is also top of the heap for the Walker Award which presented to the BEST (no pun) Running Back of the year. My punter B. Anger is still @ the top of the list for the best punter award… with ONE punt for 53 yds !!!

I’m still on the Recruiting Trail… I’ve got 4 signed recruits (1 5-star, 2 4-star, 1 2-star) and a bunch of others playing Hard to get. This is some what frustrating. All i can do is give these 19 brats future star players the right amount of attention to sign them.

I guess that’s about it for this week.


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