The Toilet Seat Compromise of 1857

Stay with me on this one.

From 1858 (or maybe earlier, my sources were shaky @ the date) a war has been raging on until this day. There was a treaty that was to be signed on this day ending the long struggle over the toilet seat. Unfortunately, someone made an unreasonable last minute request, and the treaty was thrown out immediately. Ever since, there has been many a casualty, and no president is/has been willing to discuss the issue.

(Yes, I’m looking @ you President-Elect Obama)

Everyone skirts the issue, and some people think they have the solution; but is forcing your will do they?

I was @ work one day, and some how this conversation started I have no idea…

but, essentially we are trying to re-draft (yes, RE-draft) a compromise for the great toilet seat debate.

Women need the seat down

Guys need the seat up

“some” women insist that the solution is simply having men lower the seat when they are finished.

but is that really a fair solution?

in the year of 2008, where everyone is screaming for equality, why is there no equality in the bathroom?

Why can’t Men agree to lower the seat when they are done, and Women agree to RAISE the seat when they are done??

My “continental congress” and I have looked at this situation with wise eyes. We took into account the current problem between the warring factions

We looked at the consequences when neither party follows the proposed treaty (a wet booty or a wet seat aren’t that great)

We then looked at the Physical requirements needed by both party. We agreed that it’s an equal amount of energy to either lower or raise the seat.

What do you, the population think? do you think this once lost compromise can be reviewed and followed by BOTH parties? or is this just another lost cause


4 Responses to The Toilet Seat Compromise of 1857

  1. Lo. Rap says:

    considering that both the consequences of inaction as well as the physical costs of action have been empirically weighed with respect to both parties… and as a woman a-front to all midnight-wet-behinds… i feel confident in pledging my personal commitment to this compromise, under the condition that it occurs in a mutually exclusive restroom situation… i make only one counter-request in lieu of nirvana and toilet seat submission… if we are to harmoniously share a toilet we must also our resources… i am waiting for my equivalent slice of the theoretical cheese (pun intended?)…

  2. Chaquita Banana says:

    Why can’t guys just learn to be sharp shooters and then the seats stay down all the time? No more debate. Problem solved.

  3. dtownsend23 says:

    You see Ms. Banana, it’s comments like that which got the treaty ripped up last time !

  4. birthday girl says:

    Along the lines of what Banana said, I once heard that somewhere somebody put a fly on the floor of a urinal and it improved the cleanliness of the bathroom. Apparently when guys have nothing to aim at, the stream tends to go astray… And now I’m wondering if this might work for toilets, too! Ladies, here’s the link where you can get one of these for your man of the house-

    Happy Aiming!

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