** my Teacher who is responsible for mandating inspiring me to starting this blog pointed out I had a couple spelling errors,how embarrassing, My mentor checks my thoughts, and my spelling is all over the place **

I think I’m gonna try something here.

I’m going to definitely post every Monday from here on out (except for holidays and such)

Anyways, I found this and I HAD to post it. IT has it’s ups and downs, but Overall I thought it was worth a laugh or 2.

I also had to post this to warn the masses of the dangers of multiple Auto-Tune artists in the same area.

Well, This weekend FSU beat Maryland (for real)

FAMU beat BCC (for real)

I finally got caught up with MY Online FANTASY Dynasty with Cal (Video Game related)

I Also found myself on a date this weekend (this is real too)

And this past Wednesday Ms. Blogmaster had a probate (Super Proud Soccer Boyfriend)

I also wondered where else 2pac might show up in music

What do you people think of this format for Monday Posts? (my first poll !!! )


2 Responses to mondaypost

  1. Chaquita Banana says:

    Looooooved the old people singing…especially when they (attempted) to dance! The other video wasn’t bad, but I think my standards for what that video entailed were a little lofty. The concept was still HIlarious 🙂

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    the 2nd video always makes me snicker. not a full Laugh, but an acknowledgment to the attempt at humor !
    I thought the first one was pretty funny.

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