Cal Week 13

So sorry I’m late. I had planned on playing Saturday night, but I ended up on a date somehow…

Anyways, #4 Cal had a Pac-10 match up against a 5-6 Stanford team that the experts predicted us to win and only had regional coverage (that’s not gonna help my recruiting) Stanford is actually one of our rivals! I actually forgot that we had rivals other than USC; but that’s only because Stanford is it. Not UCLA, or any other pac-10 school, just USC and Stanford. this one is called the “Big Game”

we manage to knock their QB out for a couple plays.

We score on our opening drive

They kick a FG: Cal 7 – Stan 3

14-3 end of 1st

14-10 Half time. Gotta get the RB into the game more if I want to walk away with this win.

I make a statement, Best listens. 59 yd Run for a TD.21-10 :30 off the 3rd quarter clock

INT on the Screen for a TD !!!

Final score Cal 49 – Stanford 10

** Stats **

Longshore threw 18 out of 24 for 293. 3 Tds and 1 late INT that resulted from greed.

Best ran 19 times for 210 and 3 TDs. He had a good day
Best Also caught 8 for 130 and 2 TDs. He had a REALLY good day; Heisman anyone?

Boateng caught the other passing TD and 94 yards to go with it on 4 catches.

6 TFLs
2 sacks
2 INTs 1 of which went back for a TD

** end of stats **

All in all, it was a great game. And now the start of a new week !

P.s. Someone tell these recruits to stop playing around and come play for Cal !!!


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