Personal Space Invaders

*Thanks to “Chellie-Bellie” for the better blog title*

Random rant time:

Some people have NO respect for personal boundaries…

Now me, depending on the person, they can sit right next to me, in my lap, or the other side of the room.

While @ work today… I had one of the higher ups in breathing range of me !!!

it was really awkward, it’s not like i can tell them to back up off me šŸ˜¦

what about you guys? ever have someone really just invade your personal space?

also, what is your personal space range?

**No misspellings on the first typing šŸ™‚ **


3 Responses to Personal Space Invaders

  1. Chaquita Banana says:

    I have sooooo much I could rant about on this one, but I’ve decided it’s just not worth my energy. Advice: Take a deep breath, shift as far away as possible without falling out of your chair, and pretend to pay attention.

    Do personal space invaders even know they are invading our space? Do they do it just to fuck with the rest of us or are they completely unaware of why everyone becomes so uncomfortable around them?

  2. birthday girl says:

    I had originally typed out quite the witty response to this (referencing some of my own space invader moments), but forgot to click submit. Such is the life.

    Anyways, the jist of what I had said was that I feel like wearing a sign that says something like one of the following:

    -If I can see that your eyebrows need grooming (and you are a woman), you are too close.
    -If I can tell that your hot pink lipstick is every so slightly smudged outside your upper lip, you are too close.
    -If I can smell the chocolate on your breath you ate ten minutes ago, you are too close.
    -If you make a political comment that offends me or traps me in your office and you are within distance to easily reach with a closed fist propelled forward, you are MUCH too close.

  3. MellownMighty says:

    I agree with Chaquita. Just chill out and try to maintain your space.

    I wish I could take my own advice because I always ask them if they need a mint if they’re too close or if they need more space since they are all up in mine (extra 2 points if you side-eye them at anytime).

    My tact goes out the window when people are in my bubble.

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