Cal Week 12

#4 Cal had a Pac-10 game against Oregon St.
1st quarter Or ST looked like they were going to be a formidable foe scoring first. we then answered, and scored again with 0:00 left in the first making it 14-7.

We enter the half 28-7. so far, Cal seems to know what we need to do to put this game away.

We continue to play our game, and the final score is 49-14. One thing i did notice is missed defensive Opportunities… I cannot begin to tell you how many dropped INTs there were from us… I’m gonna have to look into that and hopefully figure something out soon

*** STATS ***

Longshore had a GREAT day today, he went 19-20 for 284 yds and 4TDS and 1 sack (NO INTS)

Best had one of the BEST days ever for him; he ran 16 times for 119 yds and 2 TDs, he also caught 9 passes for 112 yds, and 3 TDs.

Montgomery ran 5 for 4 and the other rushing TD
Boateng caught 6 for 124 and the other Passing TD

Defense picked up 7 Tackle for losses, 3 sacks, no INTs, but 4 deflections… FOUR different INT opportunities… *sigh*

*** End of stats ***

all in all, I think my Cal bears had a great game, and hopefully the coaches, pollsters, and computers realize that and push me up another spot or 2…  come on National Championship !!!

In other “Dynasty” news,  #5 ECU beats Southern Miss 56-31, they look like they pretty much have a BCS bowl sewn up at this point. FSU is still undefeated ranked @ #3., with Oklahoma and Texas Tech taking spots 1 & 2 respectively. they both have a bye week next week, but that following week, they face each other which is great news for the rest of us !!! none of us really have any blockbuster games left in our schedule… especially cal, (we’ve got a .500 Stanford and a 3-6 Washington left in our schedule) so it’s up to the other top teams to tumble (Except FSU I guess…) and give us the spots !!!


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