Re: USF Week 12

Hey everyone, Ala81 here with your week 12 USF update.  We have some good news, we got 2 recruits this week, a 4 star athlete and a 3 star QB both committed to the program starting what is hopefully a great year for incoming freshman.  This week we have Rutgers at home in a conference game that we should win.  In the end it was a great game, shouldn’t have been as close as it was but some luck on their part and some coverage issues on my defense made this the #2 ESPN Instant Classic game with a score of 836.  They started off hot and benefited from some coverage and tackling issues to jump out 14-0.  But we got the ball rolling and went up 28-21 by the 4th quarter.  They then drove down to kick a field goal with about two and half minutes remaining, I’m thinking I’ll get the ball back and either run out the clock or score to end the game.  On their kickoff however my returner fumbles the ball which they recover and score putting me down 31-28 with just over two minutes left in the game.  They kick off again and we have about 75 yards to go to score.  We work our way down with some decent runs and passes to score on my favorite play, the screen pass, with 11 seconds lefts.  We win 35-31.  Not a bad game, I had some recruits in town to watch hopefully they enjoyed it and we’ll have some more recruits to talk about next week.


Matt Grothe, QB:  26-30 for 307 yards and 4 tds.  Also ran for 21 yards setting up the option.  Good game no mistakes.  Gotta love his accuracy, he has a season completion percentage of 82%; in raw numbers that’s only 37 incomplete pass all year, and 11 of those were caught just by the other team.

Mike Ford, RB: 10 rushes for 65 yards and a td, we were behind most of the game and didn’t run too much.  He caught 10 passes for 69 yards and the game winning score.  Good game will probably move down a spot in the Heisman race, oh well there is always next year.

Carlton Mitchell, WR: 6 catches for 138 yards and 2 tds.  Great game from the Sophomore, he was the only receiver who stepped up when I needed him.

Defense has no stats to brag about, they are slow and need to tackle better.  I am trying to steal a 4 star middle linebacker from LSU who should be able to help.


One Response to Re: USF Week 12

  1. dtownsend23 says:

    DUDE, that sounds like quite the adrenaline pumping game. I wish EA Sports would make it possible to see highlights…

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