Cal Week 10

**Disclaimer** The computer says I started the game 4 times… that’s not entirely accurate…

I did try to play the game a few times today… but I’ve had quite a few visitors at my house today (Ala81 knows what I’m talking about), and lets just say it’s been an adventure today. So yeah, next week I’m going to make a point to play this game when I’m home alone to avoid any further confusion.

**End of Disclaimer**

Someone forgot to tell the computer that a 4-4 team isn’t supposed to be a “great” team…

USC took me DOWN TO THE WIRE tonight. I honestly did not think I was going to win this game. It’s almost like everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong.

on the bright side, it was my #1 ESPN Instant Classics game with a score of 683.

Longshore threw 25-40 for 321 1 TD and 2 INTs one of those INTs coming in the 4th qtr…

The rushing attack was barely a factor. Best managed to pick up 2 TDs… but he touched the ball 13 times for 23 yds… Montgomery provided the other TD.

Cunningham caught 7 for 81, and Boateng caught 6 for 146. The lone passing TD came from Best; he caught 5 for 58.

Defense didn’t really show up today… 5 Tackle for Losses, 2 sacks, no INTs.

Oh yeah, and the Kicker missed a 46yd FG with :06 left in the game.

Tonight, I’m pretty convinced the computer wanted my #7 Cal Bears to lose to USC. I say this because, If we lost tonight, that would be ONE less undefeated team this season, the Pollsters are in Hot Water, and the Computers are failing, so they were out to get me. Too bad my Cal Bears have the hearts of (Insert Cliche big-hearted animal here) so there !!!


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