Election History

I wasn’t really sure what to talk about in today’s blog… I mean, yeah there’s the election and history being made and all that… but i decided a long time ago that politics and religion (God doesn’t count… he’s more an entity than a religion) ** Apparently, I never completed this thought when I originally made this blog, so thanks to Prjase for pointing out to me** were topics I’d never address, because people get weird when these topics are brought up.

For example, the day after the Election (talking in the future now… I’m psychic !!! ) two friends were over at the house and they were all excited that Mr. Obama was elected president, and then the topic of Amendment 2 came up; Essentially, Amendment 2 discusses Same-Sex marriages and if the state in question should legalize it or not. Friend A was all for it… so long as they didn’t go an adopt kids. Friend B then got upset, and asked why they felt this way, and the 2 of them went back and forth for 15 minutes over this topic…  Look, I don’t care what YOUR opinion on it is, nor will i share my view, just know… friends can get crazy over politics.

Congrats to the President Elect. Let’s see what he can do; It’s nice that he was able to speak and captivate his audience, but now we need results… we’re 8 years in the hole, and unfortunately this nation is probably going to give him 8 months to make miracles. Let’s hope he does his best with whatever time he’s given…

Last night after he was announced he was the elected winner, I went out to get something to eat, and it was mini-pandemonium. Drivers were honking as they were driving, passengers hung their heads out the window yelling… signs were all over the place. It was an interesting experience.

This morning I came to work, and I was greeted by Chocolate Donuts… I was slightly concerned… but that’s another story.

For some reason, I don’t feel as excited as I should… maybe it’s because i didn’t sleep much. I dunno, I’m just here… you know what? I blame Momma BlogMaster. listening to the disappointment in her voice last night really concerned me. I’ve never really discussed politics with my parents before, because i was pretty sure we didn’t have the same views, but for some reason, I thought last night would be different… Guess I was wrong.

A friend of mine who is on her grind trying to get her education has been hit with another stumbling block… my prayers go out to her that the Educational Institution of her choice, quits the games, and let her get her education.

**Spell-Checked once twice thrice **


5 Responses to Election History

  1. Chaquita Banana says:

    If INP just went to Krisy Kreme we wouldn’t have had any concerns. Krisy Kreme does not produce doughnuts THAT politically incorrect (to my knowledge)!

  2. Chaquita Banana says:

    I meant ***Krispy Kreme…sorry blonde moment!

  3. dtownsend23 says:

    LOL, well said Ms. Banana, well said.

    I just felt really… weird looking at those donuts (doughnuts)

  4. birthday girl says:

    i couldn’t believe they have a white cake inside!!! i busted out laughing before chiquita even told me the whole story!!!

    and btw, banana is right. krispy kreme doesn’t have donuts quite like that… theirs are only chocolate glazed on the top. like having dark hair, for instance, but still everyone can see what flavor/color the actual donut still is. (i hate when donuts try to go incognito!)

    AND they wouldn’t give me a free donut yesterday because i voted absentee and didn’t have a stupid sticker. when i informed the man that was discrimination and thus illegal, he shut the window in my face. how rude! all I wanted was a free donut!

  5. MellownMighty says:

    Chocolate Donuts? Really?

    I concur with Ms. Banana about the Krispy Kreme idea. I wish I was able to get free food for voting but I also voted absentee AND was stuck at work, so I missed out either way.

    I was dead to the world when the announcement was made but that didn’t mean that I missed out on the antics of the over zealous. Between the fireworks and yelling from one apartment COMPLEX to another, I was about to go off. It was like a bootleg New Year’s Eve party was going on and I was ready to beatdown anyone that deprived me of my sleep.

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