Re: USF week 11

Well, it’s Ala81 here with your #11 BCS ranked USF Bulls update.  We have a bye week this week so no game, but I’ll catch you up on some other things.  At 9-0 we are still getting no love from the Coaches’ poll as they have us ranked #15 which is behind 2 teams with 2 losses, but what can you do?  We can talk about awards though, as the Bulls are poised to win some trophies.  It starts with the Heisman watch where Mike Ford has finally climbed above all the QBs to lead the Heisman candidate list, with over 1,500 total yards and 26 tds.  Ford also leads the standings for the Maxwell award (College Football Player of the Year) list, in that same list Matt Grothe is 9th.  In the Davey O’Brien award for the Nation’s best QB Grothe is 7th, not too bad but probably won’t win it.  In the Doak Walker award for the Nation’s best RB Mike Ford leads the list with DTownsend’s and Cal’s Jahvid Best right behind him, both are sophomores and it should be fun to watch them battle it out for this award over the next couple of years.  Jamar Bryant from Ja514’s ECU leads the list for the Nation’s best WR.  Alex Mack from DTownsend’s Cal team is on the Remington watch list at number 7 for the Nation’s best center.  DTownsend and Cal also have Mika Kane on the Lombardi award list for the Nation’s best defensive lineman.  Nate Allen from my USF Bulls is second on the Jim Thorpe list for the Nation’s best defensive back.  And in one of the funniest things I’ve seen Bryan Anger from DTownsend’s Cal leads the list for the best punter with 1 punt for 53 yards.  Between DTownsend’s Cal and my USF Bulls we have three players in the Best kick returner list but they are all towards the bottom of that list.  So in all Mike Ford is leading the way in 3 awards, the Heisman, the Maxwell, and the Walker, that’s a pretty good year for a sophomore.  Grothe is on the list for two awards, although he’s a long shot to win either.  Nate Allen, second on the Thorpe list, needs to simply keep intercepting passes and making tackles from his free safety spot, he could use a td on one of his interception returns too.  Overall, I think we are getting the attention that we should be from the award voters I just hope we can keep it up and bring some of these awards home as they should really help with recruiting.  On the recruiting trail, I have 2 verbal commits, one from a 4 star athlete and one from a 3 star QB (ready to take over Grothe’s job after a redshirt year).  Recruiting seems to be going pretty well, I am getting some good attention from a few 4 star kids, most of the guys I’m going after are solid 3 star guys who should be able to help get the program to where I want and then those 4 star and if I can steal a 5 star or two this year or next they can put my team over the top.


One Response to Re: USF week 11

  1. dtownsend23 says:

    this is an amazing update!!! thanks a lot man.

    now that i know your secret for Mr. Ford (those gosh darn screens) next year is going to be a fun race for these two amazing running backs. and may the BEST (all puns intended) man win.

    and congrats to your QB being in the lead for the Heisman, that’s awesome. now, if we can only do something about one of the 3 human led teams getting into the National Championship…

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