home stretch

Hey Everyone, I hope your weekends went well.

Outside of FSU practicing Southern Hospitality again this weekend. It’s been a pretty quiet weekend. I hope you all used that extra hour from Daylight Savings time to the best of your abilities.

Well, Tomorrow is Election Day for our next President of the United States of America. Like I said before, I don’t care WHO you vote for, just VOTE.

speaking of voting… Don’t forget God will be blogging with us this weekend (on his day of rest) start sending us questions so he can choose one to answer :).

So, the future Mrs. Blogmaster’s Birthday is  coming up (Actually, I hear God’s Birthday is around the corner… can someone who’s been around since the beginning REALLY have a “birth day” ???) Any ideas on what i can give her? I’ve got a couple… but there are other things on my plate also, so we shall see.

if you’re into football, the 2 main presidential Candidates will be on Monday Night Football tonight to speak to our nation one last time before Election Day. Check them out if you’re still unsure.

well, That’s all I got for now… Enjoy your week, and remember: Try to be nice to as many people as possible, you never know when they may be in the position to help/hurt you.

**Spell checked once for accuracy **


2 Responses to home stretch

  1. hewhoisandforevershallbe says:

    Ahh yes, My loyal follower brings up a valid point. Everyone knows my son’s birthday, as it was well documented throughout the past 2000 years of your world. What you dont know is that I, of course, had a beginning. It all began with my parents. See, what you humans call the “Big Bang Theory”, you got all wrong. The big bang theory is actually when my mother and father got it on. The milky way is actually-… well, lets keep it PG for now. Yes in Earth time, the day of my birth has fallen on November 4th in your calendars. This year, it just so happens to fall on the election day in America. This is convenient. My son gets a world holiday, my birthday gets ignored in favor of two people i never truly designed to lead. Mccain was supposed to be a walmart greeter, and Obama was destined to run marathons. If it wasnt for the Human created ruling machine called politics, most of the people you elect to rule you would in fact probably be working for you. Reagan was supposed to be a Water cooler salesman, Carter was gonna work at Red cross, Clinton would have been a pimp, Tony Blair a newsie, and George Bush would have been the next Billy Madison. But, just like the human created institution known slangly as “hollywood”, people’s destinies are forever changed when they are included in these Earth born mechanisms of life. So tomorrow, when your watching which states turn red, and which states turn blue, remember that Red and Blue only exist because I created them, and the day that first domino fell, was what you know as november 4th.

    PS. Submit your questions over the next week for me and i will be glad to answer any of those whom i deem worthy, or kiss enough ass to qualify to being put at the top of the list.

    I bless you

  2. ala81 says:

    DTownsend is right every body make sure you get out a vote. If you are from somewhere close to Tallahassee and aren’t registered here make sure to get home and vote, no excuses people.

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