slow motion

According to a certain Doctor, a certain soda is enjoyed more when you drink it slowly, he then goes on to say that “slower is better”.

Last week or so, I showed a clip of a girl in slow motion. later on that week, it was brought up by Ms. Chaquita Banana that EVERYthing is better in slow motion, what do you think?

Is This cool in Slow motion?

What about this? (I’m actually questioning the validity of this one)

and if it’s cool for video, what about music?

apparently, it’s not that easy looking for “Slowed down music” on youtube. I am well aware of the “Chopped & Screwed” movement that came out of Texas, but i wanted to see what i could find.

(Explicit lyrics beware) I found a “slowed down” song by Lil’ Wayne here. This is the normal speed for the song. (and for good measure, i found a “Chipmunk-ed” version of the song here)

What do you guys think? Is slowing down the video (or audio) make the event better? or is it better in the speed it happens?

** Update **

Ok, I KNOW this post is about slowing down music, but The Chipmunks did a cover on a song I like, So, here it is.

And i found something for Ms. Banana. Here ya go 🙂


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