the past weekend.

Hey Everybody,

First off, I want to share my sorrow for Ala81’s USF Bulls… It’s tough being in the Big East. Oh, and here’s the Link for that play he was showing off in his blog update.

So this weekend in the REAL world, FSU had a home game against Virginia Tech. FSU won by 10 pts.

As some of you know, I work @ the best store by the stadium, selling all types of stuff to crazy ‘Nole fans. While keeping the peace on the everlasting lines we receive at our store, I saw my future Dog, an FSU Cheerleader, and then i took pictures of my wonderful register ladies.  They the best (who? them !!! )

I early voted Yesterday… I almost voted for God… but I figured no one else would join in, so I voted for who I felt would best lead the country.  and like i said in the October Grab Bag, go vote for someone; sorry God, the “real” candidates need as many votes as possible, you know we can’t afford a repeat of 2000 (you all should watch “Recount”)

Special shout out to my 10 special fishes, the tank will get better soon enough. Just keep swimming


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