Re: USF week 10

Hey everyone its Ala81 here with your update on the #18 ranked USF Bulls.  The ranking is where we’ll start this post.  We are undefeated and getting absolutely no love in the polls.  We have only played 3 teams this year that don’t have a winning record, two of our wins are against teams where that is their only loss and one was against a still ranked and very good Kansas team.  Overall, my opponents are 8 games over .500.  Now not to downgrade the play of my competitors in this Dynasty, but DTownsend’s opponents are 6 games under .500, and Ja514’s opponents are 11 games under .500; and both are ranked above me.  What do I have to do to move up the polls??  Ok now that that’s out of the system, this week we head up to Ohio to face off against a resurgent Cincinnati Bearcats team, who after losing their opening two have put together 4 wins in a row (none against a team with a winning record), oh and by the way Corso and Herbstreit both pick the Bearcats to win at home.  See what I mean, no respect.  I think I’m going to change the team name from Bulls to Rodney Dangerfields.

Okay, I don’t usually do in game updates, but the favored Bearcats are losing 21-0 to my underdog Bulls, in the first quarter, as we’ve held them to 31 yards of total offense.  First play of the second quarter I intercept the ball for a td, 28-0.  Well, its over now and I gotta say things went pretty well.  We won 49-14.  The defense had the game I’ve been waiting for them to have by only giving up one touchdown, the other came off a fumble on a punt return that they returned for a td.  Great game by everyone, we set some school records this game so I hope the voters take a good look at us now.


Matt Grothe, QB: 17-19 for 371 yards, 2 tds, 1 int, and thats a school record for passing yards in a game.  He also ran 10 times for 36 yards and 2 tds.  Great game by him overall.

Mike Ford, RB: 6 rushes for 110 yards and 2 tds, thats the game I’ve been wanting from him on the ground.  He also caught 7 passes for 205 yards and 2 tds.  That set school records for both receiving yards in a game and receiving yards for the season.  Great way to get some Heisman attention also.

Carlton Mitchell, WR: 5 catches for 114 yards, another solid day from the Sophomore.

Defense: This was the game I’ve been waiting for!!  12 tackles for loss, 3 sacks, 3 interceptions, and an overall dominating performance giving up only 163 total yards and keeping their #1 status against the run only surrendering 20 yards on 18 carries.

Oh, one more thing, I’m going to try and figure out how to post a link here and if I do you’ll get to see Matt Grothe punish a safety from Cincinnati.


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