October Grab Bag

I’m going to try something new today. And this might become a monthly thing; Since i don’t have anything specific to talk about right now, I’m gonna do a mini-recap/catch-up/random things post.

So, here’s what’s happened so far:

1. I got over 500 views on this blog, for which i thank everyone here 🙂

2. God says he wants to speak to people through my blog, and we’re voting on it.

3. Momma BlogMaster is on Facebook, and i rejected her friend request, I wondered if that was the right thing to do

4. I finally got a hold of Ja514 who’s had a lot of good things happen to him in life, so he’ll be posting his school’s updates, which means we’ll be changing up the format on how we do Ncaa Dynasty posts.

5. I complained about Mondays in General and Bark By-Products.
As of now, I am well on my way to 1,000 views, but i don’t have a lot of posts… looks like i need to start posting more, I must give you all something to read, right?

Don’t forget to vote on if you want God to bless us with words of wisdom, he gave a sample already, and now it’s up to you all to make the decision…

and while we’re on the topic of voting, let me say this: I don’t care Who you Vote for, it can be This guy or This guy or even This guy. The point is go out and vote, because if you don’t vote, you really don’t have the right to complain.

Unless you’re this girl, then you might have something to complain about.

**this post has been spell-checked 4 times for maximum accuracy**


7 Responses to October Grab Bag

  1. Chaquita Banana says:

    God, who do you think I should vote for in the election and why?

  2. hewhoisandforevershallbe says:

    Ahh, the upcoming election in the United States of America. Thank you again for proposing such a good question my little yellow friend. I believe to decide who to vote for, you have to look at what they stand for. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to where they’re at by being very honest to everyone. Lets face it, there good at what they do, and their basically over-payed salesmen. You don’t always get a great car from every car salesman, and therefore, you wont always get a great person from every politician. Ive looked at both candidates from day one… (literally), and i think i can safely say that you should vote for…


    That’s right. Why give in to the social structure built for you by people just like you 200 years ago. I say you come up with something new, and fresh. Take it back even. Take it back to the old days. I say you elect me. Think about it.

    You know exactly where I stand on any issue. Its written down.

    You know exactly what I’m going to want to do. My goals have been the same since the beginning of time.

    You know exactly whats gonna happen if people disobey me.

    And as for taxes.. well, 10% has always worked for me, so 10% for everyone and Ill be happy. You wont have to worry about voting, elections, or anything else. As for wars, I only have one real enemy, and he hasn’t started anything with me since the last time, a thousand milennia ago, so the troops are safe.

    Ladies and Gentlemen… Vote God, 2008. And as my running mate: Samuel L. Jackson. Come on, Hes one bad mofo…

    I bless you

  3. dtownsend23 says:

    So, I’ve got a concern here…

    Let us say we DO elect you for this election… and let’s say you do a perfect job and we re-elect you…

    What happens when you’re 2 terms are up? I mean, it’s already in the constitution that we can’t have you for a 3rd term; So what happens then?

  4. Chaquita Banana says:

    Samuel L. Jackson would be a great VP! Nice choice God 🙂

  5. hewhoisandforevershallbe says:

    actually, Your president amended the constitution to make sure he could stay in for as long as needed until the war was over. I believe its part of the patriot act. I dont keep up with Human law, as its all kinda based on mine anyways. So, as we are constantly at war with evil, i do believe you would never have to worry about re-election. As I said, I’m a fan of dictatorship. But who better to rule for life then the all-knowing-father-of-all. And Mace Windu.

  6. beaded curtains says:

    Who are you, God? I have my theories, but I want to know what YOU say about how exactly you managed to find this blog out of all the 3579845498746510651098789.7 blogs out there. (notice the .7)

  7. hewhoisandforevershallbe says:

    Ahh, I could only expect that which shades to question the light, beaded curtain… I will tell you this. I pay attention to all of the blogs, as i do to all things. However, there have been two to catch my eye. One, being My young friend here. He has always been a loyal follower of mine, never questioning, and forever faithful… This man will always be one my favorite children.

    The other is the .7 His name is Steve, and he really impresses me. I mean, he goes through life blogging, and always edits out the last 30% of every blog. Can you imagine how hard that must be. Knowing you have a perfectly good blog that plenty would love, but to make sure people like ‘beaded curtains’ could say 3579845498746510651098789.7 with the .7 for emphasis?? It is not an easy thing, but Steve does it, enthusiastically, and without complaints, so that people who could not fully appreciate the fact that I would give any blog, a man made selfish object for no other purpose then to entertain and distract you from the real world with the pointless philosophical jargon of others, my attention, could speak of enormous numbers that are still not enough to meet there exagerrated sarcastic undertones as they feel the need to add a decimal for that tiny bit more emphasis.

    Hopefully this answers your question, and informs you at night, as you say your prayers, to pray for Steve: The man with only 70% of a blog.

    I bless you, and Viva la Steve

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