New Addition Re: Re: Ncaa Dynasty Week 9

So, I was finally able to get a hold of Ja514 so he can add his story of ECU’s rise to fame. he’s been busy… I’m sure he’ll get into that later.

And… I kinda messed up; I gave him the wrong address to post, but we’re getting that fixed (I’m sorry)  in the mean time here’s his posting:

Go Pirates

We are 7-0 on the season in C*USA and it does not look like we can be stopped. We are BCS bound and are hoping the voters give us a fighting chance to play for the Championship. This week we are on our bye week resting up and fine tuning our defense strategy. We are hearing the buzz that Cal and USF are making late season pushes to also place themselves in the hunt. ECU’s Pickney and Bryant are making Heisman hopeful runs right now and it may be hard for anyone to stop that duo.


2 Responses to New Addition Re: Re: Ncaa Dynasty Week 9

  1. ja514 says:

    Also it looks like ECU may be have one the best recruiting years to-date.

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    wait, you guys are in striking distance of a BCS bowl AND a hot recruiting class? looks like Next season is going to be REALLY interesting Ja514

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