Ncaa Dynasty Week 9

So… I dunno what happened to week 7. Sorry, you’ll live šŸ™‚

So the 18th Ranked (#13 BCS)Cal Golden Bears are playing the UCLA Bruins @ home this week. We’ve got a couple recruits visiting, so we need this week to impress and convince.

We score first, then they scored, then we score 3 more times one of which was a fumble return for a TD for 33 yds :)… this is all in the first half. (oh, and somewhere in there I threw an INT)

Halftime Cal 28 – UCLA 7

So, we score on the opening drive (i swear, if there was a way to upload the video here…. )


So i figured it out. After a lengthy fight with EA Sports… i got the correct account linked!!!! and now… thevideo i was talking about from earlier (gotta love technology, first i’m learning about Octagons… now this) Video Highlight (I hope)

so with 1:47 left in the game (42-21) my crowd starts singing “nah nah nah, hey hey hey… good-bye… that is the FIRST time i’ve Ever heard that in game !!!

see… i was trying to run the clock out… but they decided to call Time out; so what did i do? i went for it and scored (49-21)

and… and INT with :21 by my CB (good job !!!)

ok, i really tried to run the clock out… but i got a good block and… 56-21. Personally, I blame their defense.

Final Score 56-21


Longshore 17/21 for 308 and 3TDs with 1 INT

Best 17 rushes for 97 yds and 3 TDs. He also caught 3 for 108 and 2 more touchdowns

Vereen got 4 touches for 51 yds and 11 TD

Cunningham caught 6 for 114, i owe him a couple TDs

Freshman Jarret Sparks caught a TD also

Someone must have yelled at the defense because they got 11 Tackles for Losses and 7 of which were sacks. They also got 1 INT, Forced 2 fumbles, 1 of which was recovered for a TD.

All in all hopefully this game pushes Cal closer to not only the Pac-10 title but possibly the National Championship !!!

#10 (#9 BCS) ECU had a Bye week, and i’m sure you’ll hear from ala81 later on this week for his score. Oh, and FSU is ranked #4… but i guess it’s only a simulation, right?


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