So, I was on face book, looking through the status updates of various friends and i stumbled across this one:

“DaBomb is gonna need to you to SPELL CHECK before you hit send! I hate bad grammar” (the name of the friend has been changed to protect their identity)

Upon seeing this, I was curious, so I sent them a message. After a quick conversation, my friend made it clear to me, that it’s not only chatting Online, but it’s also text messaging where people have gotten out of hand with their misspellings. I find this interesting because if you set your text messages to t9 predictive text, they usually force you to spell words correctly.

My friend made the point that if you don’t learn how to spell from your younger years, you’re hopeless.

What do you think? is it true? is the current lack of correct spelling in texts & IMs from laziness, not caring, or poor schooling (wonders if this could be linked back to this topic ) ?

**Spell Check was used 3 times before the Online posting of this topic **


2 Responses to IMSpeaks

  1. Crazy texter says:

    I dnt bleev so I tink is cuz all da oldr ppl tak spellng wa 2 sereeusly I meen, cummon, if u cn reed sumtin, ys it mattr if u includ evry vowl or pereeud. As lng as ppl cn reed it, aint dat all dat maters??? idk, ijt dat if ppl can undastand wat u tryn 2 say, den dey cn spel chek dat stuf in dere hed. + it savs tym wen ur txtn 8 ppl at 1ce. feel me?? Kk

  2. Chellz says:

    So i’m guessing the person before me responded like that on purpose…

    Ha ha.

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