Parents have First names???

OK, so I’m at work, and Princess Kelly (yes, that is the name she requested…) and I started having a discussion about our families.

I dunno if we as a community have ever discussed this, but I have a pretty big family. How big a family? well, counting my parents, we could populate one phase of a football team prolly Offense since my parents apparently like to score…ย  (yeah, i went there, i couldn’t resist, don’t tell on me!)

Anyways, I discovered that Princess Kelly calls her parents by their first name… on a regular basis. I was quite shocked when i heard this. She then asked me if i ever called my parents by their first name, my response was “Not it if i want to stay alive”. after the laughter died, I thought about it for a moment: I have NEVER called my parents by their first name to their faces. when i was younger and I had to call their workplaces for whatever reason, I would feel weird asking for them by their first name like it wasn’t natural…

I wonder if it’s a regional/cultural thing…ย  or maybe it’s a Parental Strictness thing…

What about you guys? do you call your parents by their first names? if you do, when did you start, and how did they take it?


7 Responses to Parents have First names???

  1. God says:

    Well, Unfortunately, i never had any parents, and therefore, could not properly comment on the situation, but as a parent, i will tell you this. I would not like if my children ever called me by my first name. They’re not even allowed to call me Dad. Its OUR FATHER, or LORD. These are appropriate callings when addressing their Father in my opinion. As for children who do not do this, I would say your parents either never wanted to be parents, and are refusing to accept the fact that they are now 40 and are now Sir and Ma’am, or your adopted. Either way, i apologize, but one day, i assure you, you will convince yourself i did so ultimately for the best, and you will accept it and come to grips with it never knowing i just really thought i screwed up on you and therefor stopped keeping tabs. Now If you’ll excuse me, MY kid needs some new band-aids for his feet. Hes such a whiner that little bastard. ‘Why cant I create a universe?? All i can do is dinner tricks!!’ Spoiled brat…

  2. Chaquita Banana says:

    I started calling my parents “Mary & Don” I think when I was in high school. In college I always referred to them by their names because, if you ever met them, they are kinda like a sitcom. Their interactions are just priceless. Simply calling them the generic Mom & Dad is not good/unique enough for this crazy duo!

    Mary & Don don’t really care that we (my brother & I) call them that because it is their REAL names and we are all adults now. It is not like when I was 3 years-old I called them by their real names. I think they take it more as a joke, than as anything disrespectful.

    As far as the cultural side of things, I really don’t know, and therefore can’t comment, since the only culture I have is American. (Obviously, I’m white and I don’t really have a culture/subculture that I identify with)

  3. Billie Jean says:

    Well, I work with my parents, so I go back and forth. When someone calls for them, I address them by their first names, but if it’s just us, I call them Mom and Dad.

  4. mellownmighty says:

    I had to start calling my mother by her first name whenever I called her job. Other than that, I just feel weird calling my parents by their first name, even though we’re all adults here.

  5. i need a name says:

    i just cracked up at the thought of a 3 year old banana calling her mother from across the room, “Ma-wy (keep in mind the typical inability of a toddler to properly pronounce /r/ sounds), come pway with me!”
    hahahaha gotta love the princess ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. naynay says:

    calling my parents by their first name… thats just LUDICROUS …. when i was younger not saying mom or dad after every sentence or question or statement was disrespectful… yes mom, no mom etc etc….

    first names i dont even want to imagine what happens to me when i do that …

    ive actually never even heard of people calling their parents by their first name… its probably an American thing lol… *wink*

  7. dtownsend23 says:

    Growing up, I was like that also naynay, It got on my relatives nerves because it was “yes auntie so&so, no uncle so&so” i think i “finally” broke out of it 15-16 for the aunts and uncles… i think i got down to saying mom & dad @ the begining of the first and last sentence… 20 ?
    my parents are crazy ๐Ÿ˜ but i love them, usually… just playing ๐Ÿ™‚

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