Ncaa Dynasty Week 8

What a game, what a game !!!

after a week off, it seems like the Golden Bears has roared onto the scene. 48-20 against the Arizona Wildcats.

at the beginning the team was sputtering, and we kicked a FG. 2nd Qtr they scored 12, we scored 14, taking a halftime score 17-12.

in the 3rd Qtr, we scored 10 pts.

the 4th Qtr, we exploded with 21pts. and they scored 8.

** Stats **

Longshore: 16-20 for 185yds 1TD 2 INTs 1 sack. After i calmed down in the first Quarter after those 2 picks, i got into a better groove with throwing the ball.

Best: 14 att for 58 yds and 2 TDs, i’m getting a better handle on him

Receivers were a grab bag. no one really stepped up, Tucker caught a TD.

Defense, they were amazing. 4 INTs 2 from Thompson

Kicker kicked 2 FGs.

We had a shaky start, and we pulled through, and went craaazy.

Shouts out to Ja514 beating memphis 52-14 and being ranked #14 .

Still waiting on ala81 to take care of Syracuse.


2 Responses to Ncaa Dynasty Week 8

  1. Ada81 says:

    Sounds like a pretty good game buddy. I’ll have to make sure that I step up my game to be sure and stay ahead of you in the polls.

  2. ala81 says:

    by the way its NCAA week 8 don’t forget to count the bye week, not just your games!

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