Mighty Seminoles

Hey everyone, its Ala81 again and while DT takes some time off lets talk real sports (we’ll be back on video game sports shortly).  The Seminoles had this past week off in preperation for their Thursday night nationally televised game against the North Carolina State Wolfpack.  This game isn’t a rivalry in the traditional sense but has pick up some heat in the past few years.  Chuck Amato, long time assisstant at FSU is a NC State alumni and left the Seminoles to become the head coach of the Wolfpack for 5 years before returning to the sidelines for the Seminoles.  Durning the past 6 years the teams are an even 3-3 against each other with both teams winning on the others home field.  Another thing lending intensity to this game is that the past 3 times we’ve played in Carter-Finely Stadium in Raliegh, the game has been the Thursday night game, putting both programs in the national spotlight, its a great chance to look good or bad.  Hopefully, our last game against Miami has brought this team together and we can come out and put a hurting on NC State.  So everyone make plans to be somewhere that has ESPN on Thursday and make sure you cheer the Noles on.


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