It’s been a while

Hey everyone, Sorry I haven’t been blogging for a couple days, I needed to get caught up with school work, and especially since we played through our NCAA week so fast, there hasn’t been much to talk about.

Thanks to Ala81 for holding down the fort while i was gone; I really appreciate it.

I got a new phone this week :). I’ve been playing with it, and so far, so good. I’ll have a better write up on it later. FSU has a football game against Miami today @3:30 east coast time; Check it out 🙂

other than that, things are going good; i called my family to see how they’re doing (I hadn’t heard from them in close to a month) Mom was always happy to hear from me. She was out with my 2 sisters who are still home shopping for a Homecoming dress for my 3rd sister. Dad was home with the boys watching college football; I’m concerned they were watching the UF-Arkansas game. but i guess i’ll chalk it up to the FSU game not starting yet…

What is everyone else doing this weekend? (or what did you DO this weekend if you’re reading this on Monday) let’s chat about it.


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