Ncaa Dynasty Week 6

Cal played #9 Arizona state today, and for the most part the teams looked evenly matched on the field.

ASU took the lead 10-7 with less than 2:00 in the half.

14-10 with :19 left in the half on a 81yd TD bomb setting the school? record for longest pass.

Halftime Cal 14- ASU 10

The game is OVER Cal 21-16.


Longshore 18-23 for 282yds 2TDs and 2INTs, 2 Sacks (yikes)

Best 9 for 38 and 1 td

Vereen 8 for 20

Cunningham 6 catches for 90yds

Tucker 4 catches for 126yds and 2 TDs


Kane (DT) 7 Tackles 2 TFL 3 Sacks

defense got 4 more sacks

We did what we had to do for the win. got a little close towards the end, but my defense held their ground and hopefully, the pollsters will vote us into the polls next week… Darn, we all finished this week early, and I’m tempted to advance it, but we agreed on following the season… what says you my public?

shall we stick to our guns, or just march forward ??


2 Responses to Ncaa Dynasty Week 6

  1. ala81 says:

    I says do what you think is right, that’s why we made you commissioner to begin with. Anyways I restarted my Tiger Woods character so I have plenty to do.

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    What a way to put your 2cents in without saying anything… are you perhaps senator McCain or Obama in disguise???

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