MGS series

Hey everyone its Ala81 here to talk about what is probably my favorite video game series.  For those who couldn’t tell from the post title its the PlayStation staple of Metal Gear Solid.  This series has been around since the first PlayStation, and put out its fifth release overall this summer for the PlayStation 3 called Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots.  I’ve been asked many times about what my favorite type of game is and after playing all four of the console games in this series this summer I have to say that the gameplay for this series is second to none.  Trying to describe the gameplay is difficult, its a 3rd person game that has aspects of a first person shooter, but sneaking is the name of the game.  The objects of the levels that you play throughout the game involve much more than just killing everyone in your way, most of the time it is far better to not engage the enemy as you are all alone against a vastly larger force.  This series has moments of fighting that the fan of first person shooters (FPS’s) will enjoy and puzzles that the average gamer will have fun with.  The game designer, Hideo Kojima, has been around since the series truely started on 32 bit systems all the way to this summer’s release; this gives the series a genuine continuity that most lack or worse don’t even try for.  Since I played all 4 console games in a row it was fantastic to see how the story carries over and evolves.  The game is a war based game yet its story calls into question both war and the idea of war games in general.  If you ge the chance I think this series will bring hours of pleasure to any gamer and especially one who enjoys an in depth game to game story line.


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  1. dtownsend23 says:

    Wow, this was great. Thank you for taking the time to write about a series that you really enjoy.

    I guess i’m gonna have to put one up really soon 🙂

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