True Blood = True Racism?

So I’ve been keeping up with this new show called “True Blood” on HBO. Essentially, it’s a show on what would happen if Black Vampires were Accepted by society, and were allowed to walk among us like normal people.

As i sit here and watch this show, i can’t shake the feeling on how horribly unacceptable this show would be if Vampires were replaced with Black people.

The show takes place in a very racially intolerant town in Louisiana, where everyone is friendly as long as everyone follows status quo.

but then again, I’m probably being over sensitive to some new form of entertainment, right?

What do you guys think? would this show be OK if it were about Black people? or ANY race of people for that matter?? is this show OK because it’s about a sub-culture of humans that no one “Normal society” likes?


One Response to True Blood = True Racism?

  1. Jud says:

    It’s ok because this vampire culture is fake. Not because no one likes vampires.

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