Re: NCAA week 6

Well USF gets a home game against undefeated Big East foe Pitt this week.  Its a big game, I need to go undefeated in the Big East to make sure I make a BCS bowl and help me get some good recruits.  This was the first week I have recruits coming to USF to check us out so I needed a big game.  Well at least I can say I gave them something exciting.  The game ended in a shootout, we won 56-44.  Just like last week the offense showed up big, punting only once and minimizing turnovers.  The defense however took a step back, Pitts impact HB and WR had big games against us and we had no answer on how to stop them.  Overall not a bad game, my RB Mike Ford is on the Heisman watch list now and he had a great game!


Matt Grothe, QB: 16-21 for 288 yards 4 tds and 1 int (last play of the game and it took away a td).  Again he looked good on the option and helped set up my rb.

Mike Ford, RB: 13 rushes for 209 yards and 3 tds, also had 9 catches for 152 yards (a school record) and 2 tds.  A great day for him, he broke screen passes for tds and ran the option just like you would want.  Next stop New York for the Heisman.

AJ Love, WR: 5 catches for 105 yards and 2 tds.  Good job by the true sophomore and #3 receiver.


One Response to Re: NCAA week 6

  1. dtownsend23 says:

    Good Job Ala81 !!!

    looks like USF is coming together nicely over there.

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