Well, now this is a little embarrassing…

It seems as though i have run out of things (or energy) to talk about stuff.

I was going to talk about Pandora today, because I finally jumped on it today, and honestly, it was pretty amazing.  I suggest anyone that wants to experience new music without purchasing it and with pretty much no commercial interrruptions… jump on it; it’s free 🙂

** edit: I want to take this time to thank C.M. for introducing me to this new musical drug experience, if it wasn’t for you, work would NOT be as entertaining **

well, got that out of the way… but i’m still pretty stuck. any ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂


One Response to Topics

  1. ala81 says:

    Ideas are simple, write about whatever you’re thinking about. Like how the computer just sank a 40 ft put on me in match play!! But anyhow, anyone reading this is interested in what you think or wouldn’t be reading this.

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