Ncaa Dynasty week 4 & 5

Well, week 4, i had a Bye week, so i spent the time dealing with Recruits.

Ala81 beat FIU 28-11

Ja514 beat NC State 45-0. (for the record, FSU beats Wake Forest 49-26 and are ranked #19)

Week 5 starts now

ECU is now ranked #23, USF has 118 votes, and Cal has 18… 18 votes all because I had a week off, whatever. at least i’m picked to win against Colorado State, right?

we get the ball first. actually, you know what? i’ll update you at half time, then the end of the game, no need to write essays here, right? 🙂

So i skipped the halftime update and just went to the end. The final score was 35-23.

Longshore went 11-17 for 214 yds, 1 Td 1 INT

Best touched the ball 12 times for 116yds and 2 TDs

Vereen touched the ball 3 times for 46yds and 2 TDs

Boateng caught the ball twice for 97yds and the only passing TD

1 sack, 1 int


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