Ncaa Dynasty “Week 3”

Hey guys, it’s time for another game update.

First, I’d like to publicly apologize to ala81. This whole time i was teasing him about not knowing how to do the blog thing, and i never actually gave him permission to post here… so, Ala81, I’m Sorry.

Now with that out of the way… on to the game

This time Cal played against Maryland. Kirk Herbstriet mentioned my QB as an impact player for today’s game.

They score first on a 34 yd rush  from their HB. he looks like he will be problems.

We answer with A 26yd TD of our own from our HB J.Best. someone give that man the Heisman !!!

INT !!! we ran it back 55yds for a TD. Score 14-7

FUMBLE !!! my HB gets flipped upside down and loses the ball, they recover and run it back: 14-14

Best gets his 2nd TD. 21-14

Best sets record for longest rush: 88 yds; it would have been  more, but he ran out of juice on the 8yd line and got tackled; so no Vereen gets his 1st TD of the game 28-14.

INT again !!! but this time Hagan gets injured and is out for the game :(.

and, it’s half time. 28-14

we score on the opening drive 35-14.

Best gets his 3rd TD 42-14, PLEASE give him the Heisman, he’s MUCH better than that guy @ USF…

they get on the board again, 42-21.

TD #4 for Best !!! 49-21

Final score 49-21

** Team Stats **

Longshore (QB) 20-30 for 317yds  1 TD, no INT 3 sacks (gotta protect him better)

Best (HB) 17 for 191yds and 4 TDs on the ground including the 88yd scamper. he also went ahead caught 8 for 85 yds.

Cunningham (WR)  caught 6 for 137yds

Boateng caught 3 for 52 yds and 1 TD

Defensively, 5 sacks and 2 INTs one of which went back for a TD

Recruiting wise, i picked up a 2-star recruit from Hawaii. he was very excited to come play for cal next season.


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