Re: Ncaa Football Dynasty Week 2

** Ala81’s week 2 results **

Well week 2 in the bag and I had a close one. USF was playing in-state rival UCF and we are both pretty much the same team. I managed to pull out a 28-24 victory. My main problem was on defense, I kept giving up big plays, I have to find some way to sure that up. That put me behind early and made me press to keep up offensively and I forced some that I shouldn’t have and made some mistakes. Overall not too bad a good wake up call going into the Kansas game next week.
QB M.Grothe: 14-22 for 216 1 TD and 1 INT, not so good
HB M.Ford: 16 rushes 55 yards, 2td not bad needs to improve
WR T.Johnson: 6 receptions 87 no tds, 2 kick returns 117 yards 1 td, kid has some moves doesn’t run good routes.
Hopefully I’ll get Grothe back on the road to the Heisman next week.


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