Buffet Food Hustle: The good, The bad, and The strange

Hey Everyone

Sunday, MsEmilano, MsClubin, and myself went to one of the Chinese Buffet places in town.

while we were there i started to really debate the concept of “All you can eat”. Is it really all you can eat, or will they at some point ask you to leave?  I debated that as the 3 of sat together and ordered food.

One of the things MsEmilano and MsClubin both liked about the buffet was the fact they could try foods they would never normally eat.

So round 1 mainly consisted of us getting normal food. I got some rice, some veggies, and the teriyaki chicken that they have on a stick; i enjoyed my first round, as did the ladies.

They then started to giggle like little school girls when it came time for round 2.

I watched as they placed Octopus, Oysters, Crawfish, some cold potatoe noodles among other things from all over the restaurant.

As they sat down, they decided to treat the various selections like shots: they sat across from each other, selected an item, and ate it as fast as they could. They also acted like they were food critics judging the foods consistency, texture, and all types of other qualities.

After the experimental round was over the ladies had this to say about the various dishes

MsEmilano – It was worth it, I enjoyed trying new things (spoken like a true trooper). A few things were chewier than i expected (that was probably the squid) You must be open-minded to try new things.

MsClubin – *slight pause* Overall *2nd pause* the pallete was please.  It was like an Orgy in my mouth, all diffrent tastes in my mouth at once (I tried hard to write this down with a straight face… yeah, i’m immature, so what 🙂 )

MsClubin then went on to discuss how everything had it’s own individual flavor, and that nothing was hidden.

Then a hush fell over the table as the ladies proceeded to their crabs

More exclamations of flavor in everything

MsClubin then announces that she is indeed a clean eater (the backstory to this exclamation had to do with a previous experience where a friend said she was a messy eater)

Now would be a good time to mention that i noticed our Waitress passing by our table checking on us for the 5th and 6th time. I wondered was she being a great server? or was she trying the full court pressure on us.

** Round 3 **

this round consisted of Miso soup, Dessert and fruit.

I noticed a “Milk with rice/fruit” dessert drink, so i pour a cup out of my own curiosity.

We sit down, and the ladies start to partake in their next round

MsClubin: We’re Idiots for not getting sushi !!!

MsEmilano: it’s alright – I shoulda ate this soup while the noodles were still crunchy

MsClubin: it’s like tofu !!!

MsEmilano: well, it’s something different.

(they both laugh about possibly getting sick later)

I decide to try my Rifumilk (the milk, rice, fruit concoction) and it’s not bad; I probably would have enjoyed it more if i drank it when it was colder.

(The waitress then drops off the check assuming we’re done. I guess she did it because we got dessert? I dunno about you, but i felt pressured to leave ! )

MsClubin: Cantelope was GOOD!!!

MsEmilano: yeah, you’re right

MsClubin: “Palette cleanse” time for sushi !!!

While on their travels through the restaurant, the ladies discover that the “Good stuff” (the  things that aren’t mainstream) are off to the side.

The waitress makes “check” #8: I’m positive that she’s trying to kick us out.

** Final Act **

The ladies get hype and head straight for the sushi/Udon noodle station plates in hand.

*we discover that “limit” for sushi is 6.  there were 10 different styles of sushi on display: decisions, decisions*

they also grab some bakery stuff over there known as “moon cakes” and “peanut balls”

They break each of the sushi rolls in half.

“I dunno if i can eat these”

“Girl, we just ate cow stomach and octupus, we can handle a little sushi”

“this peanut ball is sticky”

“you know what, they don’t need to be in the bakery dept.”

“Yeah, i don’t do raw fish; it’s raw salmon”

“I don’t like it raw” (ODB probably wouldn’t have been friends with her then…)

A quick Orange slice, and they are both finished.

“I liked the pie shaped moon cake for dessert”

“This right here shouldn’t be on the menu” (in reference to the peanut ball)

they then laugh about MsClubin being a messy eater and how she could never go to a BBQ.

**Fortune Cookies**

“This year, your highest priority is family”

“Don’t worry about the stock market: your investment is good”

“You should embrace your feminine side at this time”

As we left, i noticed there was a stone pond with some huge fish. They were cool.


2 Responses to Buffet Food Hustle: The good, The bad, and The strange

  1. naynay says:

    this sounds… interesting, i wish my eatin experiences where so interesting that people would want to read about them…. lol maybe one day 🙂

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    lol, They are as interesting as you make them ;).

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