The “Man and Wife” Show

So, after much waiting, and delays and all of that, my favorite pod-cast Man and Wife is having their trailer shown tonight @ 11pm on MTV !!!

The actual show starts 11/29 @ 11pm, and it’s coming on Every night (well, according to the email I just received)

For those of you who may not know, Man and Wife is a pod-cast done by Fatman Scoop and his wife Shanda. Pretty much they sit in bed together and give all sorts of advice dealing with sex & relationships. The chemistry of these two together pretty much guarantee good laughs. Naturally, if you aren’t 18, you shouldn’t be going to their site, because they don’t believe in censorship on the pod-cast, but I’m guessing the MTV show will have some guidelines in place and all that good stuff so it’s fun for the whole fa- no, I’m just kidding, the show will probably be for 18+ people also; just not as explicit.

If i manage to get all my school work (and NCAA Football 09 work) done in time, i’m gonna watch it, and more than likely talk about it on the blog.

If you’ve never seen a pod-cast, go ahead and watch the trailer tonight, then go to and get caught up with them.

I’m such a fan…

No, really, I am. they had this contest where if you “demanded” on-line enough that they came to your school/area, they were only picking the top 5 “Demand-ers” so, I went and told all of my friends to do it, so they could come here. I am under the impression they are still coming here because we were #5 on the list (high five to all my friends that demanded 🙂 )

So, that’s it for now… 11pm, MTV, Watch it 🙂


Well, that was quick. It was a quick trailer, talking about the show format, and it gave a couple of the clips. Looks like it’s gonna be just like the podcast, except in a room with a bunch of people. Can’t Wait !!!


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