Ncaa Dynasty 2

Well, I went ahead and started the Online Dynasty. My first game is a home game against Michigan State. according to Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit, they both picked me to lose; talk about confidence killer…

So i start the game; MSU gets a TD on their first drive after faking the punt for a 4th down conversion then running for their first score. I answer with a 38yd FG score: MSU 7 – Cal 3

2nd Quarter starts; they kick a 52yd FG… yeah i was shocked at that (MSU 10 – Cal 3)

then i score twice, then they kick another fg….

3rd Quarter… i score 3Td’s and they scored none.

then 4th quarter we both scored once: my touchdown came on their failed Onside Kick attempt.

Nate Longshore (QB) 17-23 for 265 yds and 3 TDs no INTs, no Sacks 🙂

Jahvid Best (HB) 9 rushes for 146 yds and 2 TDs – he was 3rd on the depth chart, and i decided to start him; he was faster than the starting senior… he might start for the rest of the season 🙂

3 WRs caught 1 TD each

Defensively; 5 sacks no INTs…

as far as Punt & Kick returns i’m gonna do some experimenting and see what i can come up with

Wow, they really didn’t want me to win; they sounded more dissapointed with MSU than they were impressed with me winning.

Final Score: MSU 20 – Cal 45

for my first online game; I’m really happy i was able to start off with a win. especially a Win where i was the underdog. recruiting went pretty smoothly for the first week; i’ll hopefully have more for you next week.

Stay tuned for Ala81’s game results and find out what’s going on down in imaginary Tampa!!!

** This Just In**

Ja514 has finally made contact with us! all is well with him and his family.

Ecu beat V. Tech 45- 14.


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